Interaction Information

Date: December 12, 2020
Player(s): Xaviul, Lavanya, Tearrful
Interacted With: Dead Skeptic
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Dead Skeptics visit Tearrful about them renouncing their Voice and wonder if they would be able to renounce the rest of the Voices
  • They says that we shouln't trust our hype, anyone else's and especially the Voices. They also roast Xaviul for comparing them to The Voices.
  • The Skeptics state that right now their main objective is to get Unknown Caller out of town and ask the kids to try to get his trust in order to help him, but they themselves do not know how to do it

Video of Interaction

Interaction begins at 00:23 in the video.


TDS (The Dead Skeptic): Tears. A little dead bird told us you renounced, got bit for it. Were heard to say that all the Voices are garbage, a.k.a. the truth inviolate. Want to double down?

Tearrful: Oh my god.

(anxious chatter.)

Tearrful: Yeah? Shit, yeah. I'd say I got bit for it.

Xaviul: I said “tl:dr bits plz”.

Lavanya: Oh, bless.

Tearrful: Yeah, I'm just - I'm fucking vibing. I just - I wanna get the fuck out of here! I'll be real honest. My heart rate just like - pew!

Xaviul: Oh, you said UC. I'll say TDS.

Tearrful: Oh, TDS! My b.

Xaviul: No, it's fine, I'll put it.

Tearrful: Don't - don't - sorry. Yeah, but, um. Hm. Hoo! I - okay, my mic is working. I'm just - (distressed noises).

Xaviul: Frazzled.

TDS: We want you out of there, too. We could be a source for you. But are you up for renouncing the rest?

Tearrful: I can sure try! I mean, I don't know... I'm pretty sure you've had others bitch to you about resources, but, I mean... I can sure fuckin' try!

TDS: Also, “TLDR”? Read faster, baby brained rando, who are you anyway.


Tearrful: Baby brained rando...

Lavanya: It is true.

TDS: Tears. That's a start. We need more good people on the inside.

Tearrful: Oh, god, I don’t - I have to be honest, I’m a big fucking idiot. So I'll do my very best, but PLEASE please do NOT have high hopes for me.

Xaviul: I’m sorry, Tear, this road -

Tearrful: I'm like, honk honk, that's my clown nose. Do you hear that? It's the little jingle of my jester boots. (pause) Cuz im a fool!

Lavanya: Is this a reverse sell -

Tearrful: This is my first time talking to them!

Xaviul: Honestly this is expected when they're talking and trying to collab with teens.

TDS: You don't need to be Einstein to pay attention and write shit down. Can you do that?

Tearrful: Yessir! Or, yes person! I sure can try! Oh man. This is - I’m just thinking of when I had the unfortunate pleasure of talking to, um, a certain big bad, and I was like, ‘man, I'm gonna be a disappointment!’ and he said, ‘I would never be disappointed by food!’ I feel like this is that all over again and I hate it.

Xaviul: I said to them, ‘wow, you guys sound just like the voices’. I also wrote out, ‘lol the kool aid though’.

Tearrful: If there's no kool aid, I CANNOT be a part of this.

Xaviul: They sound - they sound like if the Voices had flesh suits. Just saying. All this ‘we’ already and, ‘ooh, spy for us’.

Tearrful: I know! I mean, I have trust issues. I've heard you just want your one guy out. And I'm just like, okay, but what about the rest of us?

Xaviul: Yeah! What's all this ‘we’ stuff now?

TDS: See? Clarity. Truth. Don't believe your hype, or anyone else's, especially the Voices. And listen, mouthy rando…


TDS: They do have flesh suits. Yours. Even now you can't help but run interference for them.

Lavanya: Ah, to be more than just a flesh puppet for eldritch...

Tearrful: Oh, could you imagine? I can't. No, I - I mean, I can! I totally can! Yessir! Yessir.

Xaviul: Neg, though... I'm just saying. We already know that all the Voices - all they do is lie. Why should we expect anything more from you guys?

Lavanya: I see we've moved from negging Tear to negging them.

Tearrful: Yay! Bully Tear hour is OVER!

TDS: Right now as you may know, our main objective is to get our man in town to snap out of it.

Tearrful: Yeah, no! That, uh...

Xaviul: And then, the hell with the rest of us? Or have you suddenly changed your heart? Worried about the poor children stuck behind?

TDS: If you get ahold of him at any point, try to get his trust or at least hold his interest…

Tearrful: Okay! Okay. Uhhh. Okay! I'm trying to brainstorm ways, but...

Xaviul: Just ask what would get his interest!

Tearrful: What would get his interest, yes! Thank you!

Xaviul: What was he interested in when he was actually a person?

Tearrful: I dont want his deepest darkest secrets, but, like -

Xaviul: Does he have any siblings? Is there anything he would actually care about? Or am I too much of a mouthy b...

Tearrful: I appreciate it, shit!

Lavanya: It's fine, it's fine.

Xaviul: Just sayin, we get a lot of just getting instructions - oh -

TDS: That's your job to figure out. idk, say "Lately im going through changes and am potentially into eating my friends".

Tearrful: Ah, yes.

Lavanya: You know, that's true...

Tearrful: I'm going through my cannibal phase, I need some help figuring this out.

Xaviul: I suddenly realize that I AM the greatest!

Lavanya: They wear skulls! They wear skulls as their icon, so like, obviously, they’re theater kids. Stage a cannibal musical.

Tearrful: Yes, I need leg day now. Can you be my spotter? Please? Help me?

TDS: Yeah, maybe don't talk about how you fell out of the clown tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Xaviul: Look! He's into that! He likes the idea of poaching from others! It's great, it'll work.

Tearrful: Oh, god.

Xaviul: We’ll hop out of the clow car, just for you! Ooh! (transcribing note: possible uwu.)

Lavanya: No. No.

Tearrful: Oh, god. Can I -

TDS: Whatever was just said, the phone rejected it, thank god

Tearrful: Can I, like, ask what his name is? Would that even be helpful if I was like, "Hey... you! I would love... to learn... just... everything!" I don’t -

Xaviul: Yeah, like, you want us to get his attention, but what's - how is that gonna help him?

Tearrful: Yeah! Can I Bloody Mary it? Can I, like, you know...

Xaviul: you can bloody mary the brain worms.

Tearrful: yeah! how about the opposite?

TDS: Let's see you renounce the rest, one by one, first. Build some trust. Then, the name... we're open to it.

Tearrful: Okay! Uhhh. Sure thing!

Lavanya: Marvelous.

Xaviul: Tear, make sure they're actually gonna get you out for all of this!

Tearrful: Oh, yeah! Am I - ? I’m sorry, I'm shaking! I didn't expect to be texted by some weirdo adults tonight! Like, what would you do?

TDS: Lots of people yell at their brain snakes in a fit of angst. We have to know you're serious.

Tearrful: I think I'm pretty - I mean. Can it be angsty AND serious? Because... I have WAY too much to spare at this point in time. So.

Xaviul: How many rocks do I have to throw at you, OLD MAN? There we go.

Lavanya: Let me know when you guys want me to scamper over.

Tearrful: Does he also have -

TDS: We're getting that. We're very much understanding that now. We'll be in touch. Stay awake.

Tearrful: Fuck! Fuck!

Xaviul: you better not leave Tear in the dark!

Tearrful: Yeah, if you leave me, I'm gonna! I'm just gonna! I'm gonna eat your phone. I'm gonna eat it.

Lavanya: That's how you get cancer in the state of California!

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