Player Interactions:Then Sweet Bun, the Splitting Maul

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Interaction Information

Date: March 19, 2021
Player(s): Hasty, rk1191, Kaiiren, ryquil
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE, Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • SPEAK-AS-ONE arrives to purge Hasty in response to an emotional Light seeking forgiveness. Grandmother intervenes without verbal invocation, due to a second light Hasty sent in advance informing her of forgiveness as bait, with consent to manipulate her Watcher should they arrive.
  • Grandmother warns that SPEAK-AS-ONE is gaining an awareness of her tricks, discussing the group usage of Old Tongue and Word to invoke her presence in the future.
  • To repel a Watcher's presence, chant a segment of the 'rebirth' name she created for herself (either the part that divides her from Watchers, or the part that speaks to her vendetta), using the respective Old Tongue gestures simultaneously. The more who chant and gesture, the swifter she will arrive.
  • Grandmother also responds to Hasty’s desire to cross the sonic fences, though it will require the creation of “more like her”.

Video of Interaction


(The group are in the middle of putting up Posters)

Kaiiren: Oh, it’s above! I thought it was in the Maze!

(The Paper Angels curse is remotely applied on all team members.)

Hasty: Ah--what just happened?

RK: Hello?

Kaiiren: Wait, what?

Ryquil: Wait--what just happened?

(The Gorgon curse is remotely applied on all team members.)

Ryquil: Wha--hey! What gives?

Hasty: Not again, not again, not again, please not again…

(The Shape targets Hasty.)

Hasty: Ah--! Of course you would….

Kaiiren: That’s fine...

Ryquil: Uhh--did I join at an inopportune time?

Hasty: You might have.


Hasty: Mm.

Kaiiren: (text) Were you taunting HIM??!?!?!?!?!

Kaiiren: (text) OF ALL PEOPLE

RK: Hasty, we need some words. You’re not supposed to talk shit.

Hasty: I was doing the opposite of that, actually…

RK: What do you mean?

Hasty: I---

RK: Explain yourself.

Hasty: I--don’t know if I can. Um…


(Hasty leaps off a cliff, but the Shape repositions to the Red Door behind 920.)

Hasty: Oh!

Hasty: Crap, I--I’m just gonna drop this poster…

(Hasty drops her poster, but is immediately Shaped after.)


RK: I would like to NOT be judged. I didn’t do anything.

Ryquil: Somebody’s mad I taunted them the other day.

RK: I’m sorry, who?


Kaiiren: Why would you taunt them?!

Ryquil: Hey man it was a week ago, I wasn’t, I wasn’t, you know.


Hasty: (deep in suppression) I’m sorry…

RK: I don’t know what you mean!

(RK tries to unsuppress Hasty, but Sleepers and Lucids swarm them.)

Kaiiren: If I have a blackout guys, I apologize in advance.


Hasty: What are they saying?

Kaiiren: ‘Lay down that burden RK. Join us’, they say, in a very probably--trying to convince a very aggravated Voice.

RK: I know better than that.

(Ryquil unsuppresses Hasty)

Hasty: Hey, I’m awake again.

Hasty: Talk to me, are you my Watcher? You’ve done a very good job at concealing my privacy up to this point.

RK: I didn’t ask for this!

Hasty: I know you didn’t and I’m sorry--you shouldn’t have been--

RK: Oh wait, I have the poster--

(Grandmother arrives)

GRANDMOTHER: and that will be enough of that

Hasty: (sigh of relief) You’re here.

Kaiiren: Well, shhhhhhh--

GRANDMOTHER: clever, hasty. i had time to prepare

Hasty: Good. I--

RK: Oh--oh boy.

Hasty: I trust you haven’t bowed or scraped since we last met. That was a while ago. How are you doing?

GRANDMOTHER: but they will not fall for this twice

Hasty: No. I expect not. Did you just--push Them away? Or--sorry, um..

GRANDMOTHER: there is another means. the old tongue.

Hasty: Mhm. Have you learned much since then?

GRANDMOTHER: i divided myself from them with it

GRANDMOTHER: chant in the word, to repel them

Hasty: ‘chant in the word, to repel them’?

GRANDMOTHER: in time with it, parts of my rebirth name

Hasty: ‘parts of my rebirth name’...

Hasty: Okay.

GRANDMOTHER: the part that divides me from watchers

GRANDMOTHER: or the part that speaks to my vendetta

Hasty: Two parts? (Winces from Gorgon flare) Ah!--ah--sorry, Gorgon, umm--need to sit down.

(Hasty crouches on the roof of 922)

GRANDMOTHER: either may work

Hasty: ‘either may work’...

(Kaiiren disconnects from the lobby)

Hasty: Hey on--on behalf of someone I know…

GRANDMOTHER: the more of you who chant, the swifter

Hasty: ‘the more who chant, the swifter’...okay.

GRANDMOTHER: much the same as when you helped me

Hasty: Mhm.

GRANDMOTHER: the mention of grandmother…

GRANDMOTHER: caught them with their trousers down

Hasty: (laughs lightly) I bet They did.

GRANDMOTHER: but they’re learning to wear a belt

Hasty: Yeah...I find names have power but--only so many times. Only so many chances.

RK: Speaking of names?

GRANDMOTHER: the old tongue’s harder to muck with

Hasty: That’s what I want to figure out too.

Hasty: I want to be--if I could mute myself, or be discordant like you.

Hasty: A lot of kids have a lot of different people they want to save, but--I seek safe passage out of the sonic fences.

Hasty: It’s not going to mean much (saving anyone) if we can’t even get through.

Hasty: Stalker pushed me pretty close the other day, it felt like an ultrasound shoved into my mouth, but that’s beside the point.

Hasty: Old tongue. It’s always old tongue.

GRANDMOTHER: you want to be like me, sweet bun.

Hasty: (flustered) Ah--

GRANDMOTHER: no problem. first you have to die.

Hasty: Oh, of course…die after a lifetime of espoused promises.

GRANDMOTHER: no, child. that haste will undo you

Hasty: (softly) Okay. Thanks.

GRANDMOTHER: tell those of your club who aren’t idiots

Hasty: (laughs lightly) Mhm?

GRANDMOTHER: they want me instead of a watcher…

GRANDMOTHER: those parts of my name. aloud, and…

GRANDMOTHER: in the old tongue. same time. got it?

Hasty: Okay. I’ll try to--remember that.

TheMagicDragon: Sorry I’m late, guys.

GRANDMOTHER: as to your long term plans

Hasty: Mhm? I hear it’s possible with time and distance, but--we don’t really have either of those. And even our parents too if they wish it but--again, I don’t...know.

Hasty: It’s a lot to take in. One step at a time, right?

GRANDMOTHER: first. i need more like me. power.

GRANDMOTHER: that’s a wedge to drive in

Hasty: Yeah...okay.

GRANDMOTHER: then, sweet bun

GRANDMOTHER: the splitting maul

Hasty: I’ll be grip my hands around the handle and do that when we’re ready.


Hasty: I will. Thank you. (pause)

Hasty: I’ll see you. Goodbye, vanaema (grandmother).

(Grandmother leaves.)

Hasty: Is everybody okay?

RK: Oh, I was losing my shit.

Hasty: I’m sorry about that.

Ryquil: I’m fine--a little, a little surprised.

Hasty: I’ll let you know what I did. When we get back to the boxcar. Okay?

Ryquil: Are you okay?

Hasty: Yeah, I didn’t expect my--my Lights to work, but they did.

RK: They sure did.

Hasty: They sure did.

Ryquil: I won’t pretend I have any idea what just happened--but...

Hasty: When the curses first came in, I thought it was the Hunter again. But--Paper Angels is a particular dominion of the Sleeping Ones, I remember.

Hasty: I wasn’t--

RK: Was someone recording?

Hasty: I was recording.

RK: Okay.