Player Interactions:They turn you into a signal repeater

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Interaction Information

Date: June 23, 2020
Player(s): Feen Bean, Sydneysquidny
Interacted With: Devin Esposito
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The group receives texts in response to one of the players switching Voice affiliations. They are criticized for their current ties to Voices and encouraged to renounce all of them to be trusted and contacted in the future.

Video of Interaction


TEXTER: hey sydney. still want to let an overgrown earworm puppet you for your whole life? ask bean here how that went.

Feen: Uh oh. Oh no.

Squid: I need to shut the fuck up!

Feen: You fucking did it Sydney, I’m telling you! — This one’s on you!

Squid: Dude I’m not talking in this game ever again, I keep spawning people! That’s THREE times now! I am literally shaking. — I didn’t even see what it said. Hello?

Feen: Bruh how do you keep finding our lines?

Squid: I don’t want to be called out, not like this!

Feen: Breathe, Sydney! Breathe!

Squid: Dude.

Feen: Breathe baby.

TEXTER: you trust the voices. you should quit, and make that your job. there are other ways to live.

Feen: Who even tf are you?

Squid: Such as… what? Wait, is this the Cavalry? No, to trust the Voices. Oh, uh uhhh? Wait, Feen! Hold on. Dude, not like this!

Feen: They’re calling YOU out this time this, Squid.

Squid: I KNOW!

Feen: Renounce this, renounce that. I got a better idea

Squid: For a second I thought it was the Cavalry but, they said trust the Voices and that’s not what they, kind of stand for.

Squid: So it’s not them? Which makes me think that it’s somebody else and, I don’t want it. I said I was going to cancel his phone plan and look at what I did! — Duuuude!

Feen: Breathe baby!

Squid: I… I don’t even know who I’m speaking with.

Feen: I love how you like to stay on speaker phone. *laughs*

Feen: Join IN HER TEETH, join us in wanting Them to end. Herself included

Squid: I am a very slow texter, and I can’t. I can’t comprehend right now. — Are they gone? Hello? I can leave.

Feen: I… don’t know? I, hm, don’t know. — They called you out this time.

Squid: Dude I told you that gif of that grandma getting pulled by the dog is gonna be my kid, and this happened!

Feen: Text them.

Squid: I don’t want to. I’m so slow.

SQUID: Hello?

TEXTER: why do you let them in? trouble with bean is they spat one out, then let another take a bite

Squid: Are you calling me out because I’m associating myself with Feen? That’s what I’m taking that as.

Feen: Probably.

Squid: Feen is my ride or die, so you know what? We’re just gonna go down together. I’m with Bean. Not like this.

TEXTER: ride. funny. and you dorks call us the cavalry.

Squid: I don’t think it is. I thought it was first, but they said trust the Voices and that’s why I took back what I said. — Oh there it goes. It’s that like, weird Wingding stuff again.

Squid: What do you want with me

Squid: Are you Star 69-ing us? Is that how you’re getting our number?

Feen: Whew, I am shaking.

Squid: Also I don’t remember giving you my phone number, sooo. I did not consent, yeah. Uh, oh no.

TEXTER: we said y o u trust the voices. we say, don’t. we have higher hopes for you than bean. we thought. but now they pretend to be friends with death

Squid: Death???

Feen: All right, I’m texting, hold on.

Squid: Oh, I don’t like this.

Feen: I’m texting, I’m texting!

Squid: You’re good.

Feen: This is what happens when you text with one hand and.

Squid: I’ll read it if I see something. — I’m not sure if they’re gone?

Feen: I hope they’re still here, I’m still texting.

TEXTER: death. except it can talk and tell you something pretty. ask bean who they follow now.

Squid: I already know who Bean is following.

Feen: Everyone is gonna die, it’s a natural part of life. But if life has no purpose you’re dead already

Squid: I already know

Feen: What’s your purpose I wonder

Feen: I’ll say her name. IN HER TEETH. I’ll say it, I’m a ward child of IN HER TEETH. Any thing you say to me, you can say before her! — She called to me and I answered in a voice made of teeth!

Squid: Me too!

Feen: She called and I answered in a VOICE MADE OF TEETH

TEXTER: see? they turn you into a signal repeater that thinks it has a Relationship with a hallucination. no, renounce them all, in prayer. only way we know you’re legit. stay awake

Squid: Basically, renounce them all, stay awake. Like, like renounce them all in prayer. Dude.

Feen: There’s only ONE I’m gonna renounce, and I’ve done it twice to him. Screw that guy.

Squid: Why does the Wingding Texter always have to come? Why is it me?

Feen: I told you!

Squid: I’m done! I am done talking in this game, I can’t, I’m just not gonna say anything! Ever. Again! That’s THREE times now that I’ve said something and I’ve like, spawned something! dude, I almost cried. I was literally on the verge of tears like, I fucked up dude!

Feen: That was tense!

Feen: Stay awake my ass

Squid: Duuude, I’m not okay.