Player Interactions:Truth and Revenge

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Interaction Information

Date: April 16, 2021
Player(s): El Ravager, Seraphim Risen, DEE0NE, My Friend Bob
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Grandmother comes to speak to El Ravager about her desire to become a weapon for and learn from SEED-THE-GRUDGE, and asks him to deliver a message on her behalf.
  • Grandmother states she does not care for the Pact and only wants to talk to SEED-THE-GRUDGE. She also mentions that she can "make herself useful for her".

Video of Interaction


Grandmother: ravager. you serve seed-the-grudge.

Seraphim: Oh! Oh my god! Hi Grandmother

Dee: That scared me so bad

Ravager: Yes I serve the Grudge Queen

Seraphim: We’ve been hard at work trying to track down those names for you

Ravager: You speak of my queen?

Dee: (laughs)

Bob (text): sinners

Bob (text): ravager give this one the dampeners

Grandmother: yes. i have a message for her

Dee: Oh!

Seraphim: Oh my god, that’s for you Ravager

Ravager: and I will pass it along

Grandmother: which i ask that you pass on. ravager.

Seraphim: oh I’m nervous, that always gets a jump out of me

Grandmother: i wish to be her weapon

Dee: (gasps)

Ravager: as do I

Grandmother: as she was to death, of a time

Grandmother: i wish to...learn from her. she is pure.

Seraphim: She is. I really like her too

Ravager: she is pure, in that sense. But her targets aren’t so broad like your “scorched earth” policies I’ve been reading about

Bob (text): bad

Grandmother: i do not give two shits for her pact

Dee: (laughs)

Seraphim: (nearly falls off cliff) OH that was a cliff that was a good decision. Only good decisions tonight

Grandmother: i want her ear alone

Dee: mm

Seraphim: ooohhhh

Grandmother: and i will make myself useful to her

Dee: hopefully she’ll hear you out

Seraphim: yeah, hopefully. Ravager, you have a mission! You have been burdened with glorious purpose

Bob (text): ravager dampeners please

Grandmother: she likes the straightforward type

Dee: (laughs)

Seraphim: well that’s good to know

Grandmother: and my bet. Is that you are onesuch.

Seraphim: are you, Ravager?

Ravager: that is my goal, to become her champion. If i could earn her favor that would be…(trails off)

Bob (text): this one thinks you should know the lost one lies

Ravager: Appears I have a quest

Dee: (laughs)

Seraphim: I think as long as you believe in justice you probably have- (gets grabs by NPC) oh oh let me go let me go

Grandmother: the dog from my old kennel here…

Seraphim: Dog from my old kennel?

Ravager: Dog from your old kennel here…

Grandmother: says that i lie. but…

Seraphim: Ahh, Bob…

Dee: (laughs)

Ravager: yes

Seraphim: Bob is a sweetheart though don’t let that trick you

Ravager: he says he serves the other, but he does (trailed off here, but finished with protect his friends).

Grandmother: life. death. I have never been so honest.

Dee: yeah

Seraphim: ehhhhh I still remember like...

Grandmother: and i quite enjoy it.

Ravager: well truth is the only way

Bob (text): the grudge queen is strong through unity with the pact

Dee: I do like how straightforward you are, I never feel like you’re BS-ing anyone (laughs)

Ravager: I shall pass along the message. I don’t know if i’ve earned her favor yet, but we’ll see

Grandmother: truth. and revenge. thank you…

Seraphim: I think as long as you have justice in your heart you have her favor

Seraphim: (gets grabbed again) get off me!

Ravager: I will pass it along

Bob (text): gross

Grandmother: we shall all ravage our foes, by and by

Ravager: yes, that we can agree on.

Seraphim: that’s the hope

Grandmother: ta ta…

Seraphim: byee it was nice talking!