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Interaction Information

Date: October 31, 2019
Player(s): Kit Ballard
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Unknown Caller finds Kit on a mission, and entrusts her with another audio recording for the club to solve. Also Roasts Kit about her hair.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


Anything here is kept with Kit, which means, OCC, you don’t know this unless Kit (the IC and not me) says she’s talked to you about this.

Kit accepts her next mission, to which is runs solo again for the club. Not long after she starts her mission, her phone vibrates. A slight panic washes over her, due to her sneaky nature. She checks the messages.

UC: It better still be you in there. Someone snitched. I'm being followed. I mean, less obviously than usual.

Kit: I heard. Did warn ya.

UC: Passing secrets to you kids is a big risk. I feel like I might as well pay a sky-writer, everyone knows anyway, overnight.

Text: Secrets are a hard thing to keep in this town… many things roam as it is.

UC: The others say there's a voice you hear, one of few who do. If I can just calibrate my algorithm around the actual words you get, I think the rest will output a bit quicker.

She stares at her phone, trying to figure a proper response. The house is deadly quiet. No sounds at all. No crickets, no sleepers…. No wind… was eerie. Must of taken a bit, as the Unknown Caller started to panic a little

UC: Kids are you awake? These long silences are suspect as hell.

Slightly startled, Kit quickly responds back

Kit: Sorry. I couldn’t think of a reply to that one.

Kit: If I can be of assistance in anyway, I’d be glad to help

UC: I do not like that. Something seems off about you. I hope to hell I do not have the wrong loner with cotton candy-ass hair.

Kit: Been a hell of a week my unknown friend. Staying awake is tiring…

UC: Here goes. Try to act like at least 60 percent less of a runaway skin suit. We all need this...

A file started to be uploaded to her phone. She quickly pulls out her earbuds and listens to the audio. Much of it’s a garbled mess.. Then starts to form words. She’s taken aback at what she’s heard. She starts to panic a bit and only remembers a small part

Kit: Whao.

Kit: I caught the tail end: They want power; no matter the price.

Kit: That made my skin crawl

UC: What did you hear? I just get that two-toned demon yodel. Hell. Okay. Seems like there should be more. Run it by friends. Then DELETE IT BEFORE YOU SLEEP. If I don't find you, that thing will.

Kit: Don’t worry. This won’t get far before I finally sleep.

UC: Kid... there's something watching me. Get the fuck home NOW

Kit’s own panic sets in, in fear for the Caller’s safety

Kit: stay safe Unknown Friend.