Player Interactions:Updating them about Bells

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Interaction Information

Date: July 3, 2020
Player(s): rk1191, Lexicat, Alice (Logicgate)
Interacted With: Devin Esposito
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Lexi thinks its HQ at first and says "Hi there HQ". They respond that they "aren't with them anymore." RK asks if it is Devin. They say they don't do names. Names are a waste of time.
  • They say Dax and Gwen are turning new kids in to Voice Groupies, so it's difficult to recruit. RK explains they are probably scared off because HUNT-THE-STRONG asks kids to renounce the Voices too. They say the Hunter doesn't want kids to renounce HIM, but agrees it muddies the waters.
  • They ask RK if there is anything new to report. RK explains the recent happenings with Bells reappearing and taking people to Saturation Control. RK explains that she was able to answer personal questions that only Bells would know.
  • The texter panics about Bells' possible return and says they are going to have to talk to Gwen and Dax to confirm. RK still thinks the texter is Devin, based on what they said and typing style.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


Text Message: rk. recruiting is slow. g and d have really suckered a lot of the younger ones into becoming voice groupies

Lexi: [texting] Hi there HQ

RK: [texting] The whole "Renounce the voices" Hunter rhetoric scares them off... Devin?

Text Message: not with them anymore. and i don't use names. names are a waste of time

RK: Yeah, but listen. As a kid who wants nothing to [do] with being Chosen, and some kids are being Chosen for renouncing them all including the Hunter, you see how that's problematic?

RK: If it was that easy to renounce the Voices, why did the Caller make us go to some hidey hole where they couldn't see us?

Test Message: hunter doesn't want them to renounce *him*

RK: No, but he gives fancy thumb print shirts to people who renounce him anyuways. Something isn't right.

RK: Did the people you're with give the thumbs up?

Text Message: his idea of a joke. muddies the waters, true. anything else happen to pass on? we don't trust many to tell us

RK: Yeah, shit. Give me a second. I have notes.

RK: Did you hear about Bells?

Text Message: what do you mean. hear what about them?

RK: "Bells" showed up again. We think she's in SAO's saturation control, calling out to us. Answers personal questions that the Song might not keep if it was just her uploaded.

RK: If that helps our friends find her. Provided they stay safe.

RK: Personal questions that only she would know.

Text Message: personal. where did the questions come from? could be planted on our end by ZZZ

RK: Dax and Gwen each gave personal stories that only she and them would know.

RK: Like, Dax had a story. Gwen had a story. She answered them true, according to reports.

Text Message: shit. really? fuck. shit. fuck. those two drink liquid clown for fucking breakfast, but they're not with ZZZ

RK: Yeah. Oh fuck. Oh shit. Do our friends know anything about SatCon?

Text Message: i am going to have to contact them. god damn it. they should be in charge of...nothing, but if they can verify. shit, shit, and doubleshit. ok. thanks. stay awake