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Interaction Information

Date: April 16, 2021
Player(s): Paint3dButterfly, authorofworlds, Grimm, PeacefulDreams
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE
Major details from the Interaction:

  • SPEAK-AS-ONE pops in on the group while they’re getting cocky during the start of the cancelers mission. Targeting baby ninja Grimm for their crimes against the shape, things get worse and worse as Grimm sasses them while everyone scrambles to somehow finish the mission.
  • With the Shape very much active and everyone cursed with Paper Angels, the group is picked off one by one as SPEAK-AS-ONE gives us a nice, “WELCOME HOME.”

Video of Interaction

Interaction begins at 42:52 in the video.



Author: What? Oh…

Butter: Oh-

Grimm: What the fuck-?

Author: Help- Ah- I know who that is- I’m pretty sure, and-

Grimm: Wait- What just happened?!

Butter: Who is that?

Author: We’re in deep shit!

Grimm: What do you mean- What do you mean-

Butter, cackling: Ohoho! You fucking pissed off the wrong one!

Grimm: What did you do!

Author: We did!

Butter: Oh no- Please don’t tell me it’s you-know-who!

Author: It could’ve easily been me- It could’ve easily been me-

Grimm: What did you do- What- What’s happening-

Butter: Oh don’t tell me- No did they answer your voicemail?!

(Grimm gets shaped, and Author becomes the next target. The group then chatters nervously as Butterfly rushes to rescue Grimm.)

Grimm: What happened- Wait what-!

Author: Grimm! Where’s Grimm?!

Grimm: I just got got man!

Peace: Hey um… Guys what’s happening-?

Butter: Uh there’s someone here-!

Author: SAO, I believe.

Grimm: Wait- What?!

Butter: Really?

Author: Yeah I think so- No one else calls us sinners!

(Butterfly unshapes Grimm. Afterwards, it seems to mostly dawn on the group that the voice speaking to them is indeed SAO. The surface children quickly attempt to justify/deny their actions while Author fumbles through the maze.)


Grimm: Um, there is an eye thing on my screen blinking.

Butter, laughing: Yeah! He is definitely- They are definitely at you, Grimm!

Peace: Oh my god… (Unknown) the whole town.

Author: Is it Grimm or is it me?

Butter: You talked shit! It’s one of you- It’s either Grimm or it’s you! Both of you talk shit!

Author: I mean I send them lights sometimes, to be fair-!

(The group is cursed with Paper Angels.)

Author: ...I got cursed.

Butter: Yep- All of us have Paper Angels- Thank you! Very polite!

Peace: Why- Why is that… I think- Guys is this Speak-As-One-?

Butter: ...It is, yeah.

Author: It is- Uh- Don’t- Uhh-

Butter: Don’t say their- Oh- You’re not supposed to say their names-

Author: Be careful about that-

SAO: LITTLE GRIMM NAMES US (NOTE: It was Peace who named them, not Grimm. We think this may have been a mistake here, but it’s all in good fun.)

Peace, giggling nervously: Don’t be mad at us…

Butter: Oh.

Author: That’s bad.

Butter: Yeah, we did a bad.

Peace: Who-?

Author: You don’t wanna name them-

Butter: Yeah-


(The shape goes back to targeting Grimm.)

Peace: Who’s Little Grimm- Uh-

Author: Grimm… You really- Grimm-!

Butter: You messed up! You messed up today!

Author: We’ll have to unshape you again-!

Peace, giggling: Oh my god...!

Grimm: I’ve been playing for two days! You’re welcome!

(The others burst out laughing at Grimm’s antics. Author continues her Maze Adventures Commentary while Butterfly rushes off to KO the parents.)

Grimm: Um… I’m not gonna lie- If you’ve been sending me messages, I don’t ever close my eyes- I have ADHD man.


(Everyone save for Author giggles at the ‘poor thing’ comment. Author misreads the last word a little, causing some side-rambling.)

Peace: You can see now! Congratulations!

Butter: Yeah you can see now!

Grimm: Sir, I am a fool. I do not understand you.

Butter, laughing: It’s like big words-!


(Everyone laughs.)

Butterfly: You talk shit!


Butter, laughs: Awe- I sure they do-!

(Grimm is shaped with Author as the new target.)

Peace: Oh my god… Grimm-!

Author: Again?! Come on…!

Butter: Oh no.

Grimm: My stomach hurts again!

Author: If Grimm gets shaped one more time, we’re done.

(The remaining three realize that Grimm’s been shaped twice now, meaning that a third time would mean the end of them. Discussion then ensues on whether or not they should keep Grimm shaped until the end of the mission while Grimm rushes off to text a friend OOC.)

Butter, laughing: I can’t believe you talked shit! I told you! I told you something bad was gonna happen!

Peace: Oh my god.

(Brief discussion on their mission is had.)


Grimm: ...Alright how do I explain this gently to Kate?

Author: Hivemind here. Help girl.

Butter: Help girl- Hivemind-!

Grimm: Girl help!

Butter: Oh… This is a bad situation- I can tell ya that much-!

Peace: Do you need help?

Grimm: ...Yeah you should- Just leave me- It’ll be fine. I’m vibing.

Butter: We’ll just leave you for a little bit because I don’t want you to get shaped again since they’re- They’re a little bit angry at you!

Author: I am not having baby ninjas die on my watch!

Grimm: Eh it’s understandable- I was a little bit of a little shit. I’m having my fun though.

Butter, giggling: We were being a little shit-!

(More background commentary from a maze-running Author and a nervous yet entertained Peace.)

Grimm: I will absolutely admit that I was being a little bastard.

Butter: ...Listen- A little bastard-


(Butterfly and Peace laugh and reiterate SAO’s words to Grimm. Meanwhile, Author panics in the background as she’s caught and shaped, Butterfly becoming the next target.)

Author: Shoot-!

Butter: Nooo!

Peace: Oh no-

Butter: Okay okay okay- Where are you-

Author: This is gonna end in hell…!

(The group begins to panic now that two people are down. Butterfly begins preparing to make her trip back to the surface while Peace asks for clarification on who they’re speaking to and is reminded it’s SAO.)

Peace: Oh no! Please don’t step on me-!

Butter: … Okay- Okay- We’re good. We’re good.

Peace, over Grimm’s laughter: Uh I need to do something before this starts getting worse… I’m so scared-

Author: We need to finish this mission.

Butter: We need to finish it fast.


Peace: No!

Grimm: Hey I’m just fine if you abandon me- It’s good.

Peace: I mean what did- What did we do?

(Butterfly starts rambling in the maze while trying to escape as Peace eventually rushes in and saves Author. Grimm talks a little about the friend they’re messaging, and Author proceeds to run away from some lucids while Peace retreats.)

Butter, running from the shape: I can’t tell which one’s which- This is terrible-

Peace: Oh my god. What did we dooo? We didn’t do anything- We were just- Why?

Grimm: My dad’s gonna call your mom and then you’ll see!

(Butterfly laughs at Grimm’s mocking of the kid lines while Grimm reports their friend’s response to the situation.)


Peace: Who should we call?

Author: Who is calling who?

(The group debates on who they should call, not fully understanding SAO’s response. The calling of dads is lowkey debated while Grimm remarks that they don’t know what SAO is saying since they’re still shaped. In this time, Butterfly ends up shaped, and the shape is back on Author.)

Author: Oh come on!

Butterfly: My bad. I did a bad…

Author: So many of us dead…!

Grimm: I’m just a little man, sir! Well they did call me Little Grimm, so.

(SAO’s nickname for Grimm is briefly discussed, along with the nickname suggestion of Little Grimlin. Eventually, Author creeps close enough to Grimm and starts to unshape them, but the shape appears and quickly stops and catches Author. Peace, as the last kid unshaped, becomes the next target and is quickly grabbed by the shape.)


(After the team-wipe, we get sent back to the boxcar, where Grimm receives a halo.)