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Interaction Information

Date: April 10, 2021
Player(s): EatMyBubbles06, A Natural Bone, awesomeinvasion, Duckhater115
Interacted With: SPEAK-AS-ONE, Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • SPEAK-AS-ONE comes for Natural Bone, after he and the rest of the group sent Light_of_Rebellion to SPEAK-AS-ONE saying they'll sacrifice their Name Fragments as bait to SPEAK-AS-ONE.
  • Where SPEAK-AS-ONE immediately begins to purge Bone while Bubbles and Duck fearfully watch from afar. Until Awesome helps SPEAK-AS-ONE in supressing Bone.
  • Where Bubbles and Duck preform the Old Tongue, Grow-In-Spite saying each phrase as they did it in sync together. Where together they summon Wayka. As Wayka puts an end to the purge and makes the Shape leave entirely.
  • Wayka tells Bubbles that she had now owed Wayka, while reminding Bone to only send LoRs to the Voices he followed. Before leaving us on our way to finish the mission.

Video of Interaction



Awesome: What perfect timing.

Dylan: Uh-oh.

Ben: Oh… Um.


Dylan: Did I? I don't remember?


(The Shape targets Dylan)

Ben: Oh...

Stephen: Oh that’s not good…

Awesome: I am the harbinger of chaos.

Awesome: Hey bone, that don't look too good for you buddy… Alright time to get Bone killed.

Dylan: Awesome please-


Ben: Yeah...

Dylan: And yet I still name drop.


Dylan: No thanks, I don’t need a hug right now.

Ben: Bone… Ok lets get up to the surface at least...

Awesome: *Laughs* Mmm, murder time.

Ben: Oh…. Wait where is everyone?

Stephen: Where are you? I’m over here, I’m right here. Hi. Okay, come over here

Ben: Ok I'm heading to you

Awesome: You guys are lucky you're down in the maze, otherwise I'd be down there helping… Speak-As-One murder you.


Stephen: Huh? What?

Awesome: I mean, don't you have to give express consent for your fragments to be so he had to have said he wanted the fragments gone.

Ben: I… M-Murder!?

Stephen: Oh. I think it was because someone said Bones was gonna get killed or something. I don’t, I don’t really remember- My mind is racing.

Awesome: Hey, Bone! *Awesome proceeds to start beeping the drone repeatedly while laughing*

Dylan: Just leave me be, Awesome.


Stephen: Ha. I like that.

Awesome: Feed the fle- they are going to take your bo- Mmm flesh.

Stephen: Flesh. I hate that word, such a gross word…flesh..flesh..

Ben: Flesh is flesh… Bone are you in any trouble?

Stephen: Yeah. Bone, are you good?

Awesome: Not if I have anything to say about it! And I do, I'm gonna, say the t word. (Referencing TID)

Stephen: ‘The t-word?’

Dylan: Go away, Go away, Go away-

Awesome: He sprints towards you.


Awesome: What does that mean?

Stephen: I don’t know what that means *nervous laugh* What- Dude, what did you say to them?


Stephen: ...ah.

Awesome: One v one Speak-As-One versus The Hunter.


Awesome: I mean, Speak As One has as a lot of people. A lot of people verses…

Awesome: The Shape’s not even changed and he's- mans is sprinting! Bro! Mans sprinting he's Usain Bolt what the hell!

Stephen: Mans is sprinting!

Ben: Bone… *sighs* Mmm.


Ben: Mmm… Bone I'm gonna ask for your consent.

Dylan: Aw I'm not fast enough-

(Dylan(Bone) gets suppressed by the Shape)

Ben: Bone I'm gonna ask- Oh no. Bone! Bone- Bone- Bone- Ok this is- Uh!!

Awesome: Oh I can't save you even if I wanted to.

Stephen: Wait did Bone just die?!

Ben: Yeah he just died! Ok! Me and you lets do this!

(The Shape targets Stephen)

Stephen: Aaah!

Ben: Alright!- You ready?!

Stephen: Okay, okay! Yeah, hurry up-! What do I do??

Ben: Ok- Ok- Sense/Grow/Prove In three! Two! One!

(Stephen and Ben preform Sense/Grow/Prove in sync)

Awesome: What? Wait what? What the fuck are you two doing?

Ben: Ok that's one part! Land/Hide/In, in three! Two! One!

(Stephen and Ben preform Land/Hide/In, in sync)

Awesome: No, don't use old tongue! What are you- Oh my god, are you fucking summoning?

Awesome: Wh-What are you doing? They're using old tongue! What the fuck?

Ben: Spite/Sin/Stand!- Three! Two! One!

(Stephen and Ben preform Spite/Sin/Stand in Sync)

Awesome: T-They just brought out fucking old, what are you doing?..

Ben: ...Did we peev anyone? Uh… Grandma we invoke your name!...

(Only Ben got the first four Wayka Messages, and hardly was able to record what Wayka exactly said. Beware Paraphrasing!)

Wayka: i see what you're trying to do

Ben: YEAAH!! UH hum!.. Hi Grandma! Hi!

Awesome: WHAT!

Stephen: I don’t know-! Ben wanted to do it!

Ben: We did it!! WOO!!! Grandma!

Wayka: you must say the word as you preform

Ben: OH! Right! Right! Right!- Ok- We're here!- We have to do it again!

Awesome: They summoned fucking- attempting to summon! Nothings happening they're just fucking trying to summon…

Wayka: i can not stop them unless you do it right

Ben: Ok- Ok- Ok- Right- Right- Lets Do it.

Ben: Sense/Grow- We have to say Grow when we do this one ok? Three- Two-

Stephen: Just Grow?-

Ben: Yes! Three- Two- One Grow!- STEPHEN! You're gonna get taken!

(The Shape Suppresses Stephen(Duck))

Ben: Fuck. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I have nothing!!

Awesome: YES!


(Awesome unsuppresses Dylan)

(Ben unsuppresses Stephen, while the Shape Targets Awesome)

Awesome: Why me! Speak-As-One cleanse my sins!

Ben: Come on! We can do this! We just have to stick together!

Awesome: Speak-As-One! Speak-As-One save me!

(The Shape suppresses Awesome, while the Shape targets Ben.)

(Together Ben and Stephen Preform Grow-In-Spite, but mis-say Sense/Grow/Prove)

Awesome(Using Text Chat): WTF

Awesome: Bone bring me back!

Dylan: On my way!

(The Shape Targets Stephen then targets Dylan, while Dylan unsupresses Awesome)

Wayka: again child, grow by mouth

Ben: Okay, okay okay- We have to do it again

Stephen: Just tell me the things. Tell me what to do

(Finally, Ben and Stephen preform Grow-In-Spite, while verbally saying the Phrase for each OT.)

Ben: Wayka?!...

Wayka: it is done.

Ben: *Gasps* WE DID IT! We did it!

Stephen: Oh cool.

Ben: We did something! I think we helped Wayka! Wayka I'm happy to help you! UGGGH!! I'm so happy I don't have to sacrifice myself to S- The Song!! OH GOD SUCH A WEIGHT LIFTED OFF MY CHEST!

Awesome: I can't fucking… I can't fucking believe it.

(The Shape leaves the Mission)

Wayka: they will not trouble you again tonight

Stephen: (Sigh of relief) T-Thank you..

Ben: (Sigh of relief) Thank you... We saw our friend get taken and we uh… We panicked a little… Thank you.. Wayka.

Stephen: Did you have anything you want to say to..Wayka-

Awesome: What the fuck! SPEAK-AS-ONE no…

Wayka: finish your business, fat little rats

Ben: Pffshtt!! Aww Alright thanks… Thank you Wayka!

Stephen: *giggling* I do like rats.

Awesome: I'm about to fucking finish my business with you, get over here.

Wayka: you are cute, scurrying to and fro

Ben: Aww! Well I don't know how I feel about being called a rat!- But I'll take it! And Wayka?... I wish to help serve you! In anyway!

Stephen: That’s a compliment to me, I like rats!

Ben: You can count on me! Ok?... I hope she got that...

Awesome: What did I just witness?!

Stephen: I don’t know!

Wayka: yes. you owe me.

Ben: Ah, yes!... Wonderful! I will gladly!... Take my Debt. Oh god- *Giggling*

Stephen: Ooh…

Ben: Ohh this is Wonderful! Kinda- Oh no! Hahah!... Bad and Good! Bad and Good! It all it is!- *Nervous Laughter* Oh no I have a debt to Wayka-

Awesome: Wh- f- Witchery! Witchcraft!

Wayka: you see now? each word. one meaning

Ben: Oh! Wai- We had another Old Tongue we have- Grandmother.

Awesome: I should have warned them…

Wayka: spoken. acted. in time.

Stephen: Yes. I tried, I- Hmm, that was stressful. But I’m glad we did it right!

Ben: Mhm! We did it together Stephen! Yeah!

Wayka: two more more of you

Wayka: you did. eventually.

Ben: Hey! We did it! And that's all that matters! Woohoo!!

Awesome: Shut up Grandma!

  • Throws a godrock in front of Ben and Stephen*

Ben: Oh Fuck!- WHY?!

Stephen: Ah! What was that noise?! Oh- Oh it’s a godrock. That scared me really bad.

Wayka: the angel was right behind this duck

Awesome: I can't fucking…

Stephen: Yes, hi, I am duck. Yeah, that was really scary *nervous laugh* yeah-

Ben: Ay! Yeah! Wayka helped you! The Song was trying to take you out with the shape! You’re safe!

Wayka: i sent it … on a goose chase instead

Ben: Oh.. Oh? You sent it on a goose chase?...

Stephen: Aah, she’s got jokes-! I love that!

Awesome: Did- Is she implying that she sent the shape after someone?

Stephen: You know, ‘cuz my name is duck...and you know, goose..

Wayka: they do not know all my tricks

Ben: I'm so happy for you Wayka, I'm glad you're becoming stronger.

Stephen: Well that’s good. I would sure hope not.

Awesome: They're going to know soon.

Wayka: duck gets it. keep up.

Stephen: *Gasp*

Ben: Aww...

Awesome: Fucking Harry potter up in here. What the hell…

Ben: Well. Grandma if you'd like we do still have one more Old Tongue we can give you.

Stephen: Ah. Would that help her? That old tongue you told me-?

Ben: I'm not sure, but it's something?...

Wayka: i know the ones your club knows

Ben: Then… You know.. In-Our-Name?

Stephen: Oh. Okay.

Awesome: Alright where's the place between portal I'm putting her back in.

Stephen: (laughs)

Wayka: i am beyond you now. but i thank you.

Wayka: now, our shared vocabulary…

Stephen: ‘Our shared vocabulary?’

Wayka: can be put to a little use. case in point.

Awesome: Your one mistake was saying this in front of the SPEAK-AS-ONE follower.

Wayka: now. grandmother's time is valuable

Ben: Yes… Grandmother.

Awesome: How about you use your time to go knit some socks, get out of here.

Wayka: finish up

Ben: Y-Yes, ma’am!

Stephen: Okay. Thank you! Ah, okay- We need to do the foam traps now.

Awesome: (laughing) I can't believe it.


Stephen: That’s fun. We love having debts.

(The Group starts to Talk OOC, Thinking Wayka had left.)

Wayka: rat bone. when you talk to a so called god

Dyan: Yes Wayka?

Ben: *Startled sounds*

Stephen: *Also startled sounds*

Wayka: stick to the name of that god. savvy?

Dylan: Yes m’aam, my apologies.

(The Group once again goes back into OOC talk after Wayka puases.)

Wayka: I've held them back. cleared your slate.

Ben: Uh!- O-Oh! Ok!- Ok- Thank you-

Dylan: Thank you Wayka.

Wayka: now you're on your own, little rats

Ben: Thank you! Wayka… I would have liked to known that.. Three… Recordings ago!

Awesome: The title of rat belongs to Elmer.

Dylan: Bye Grandma.

Ben: Man! My plan didn't go exactly as planned!- But it worked!