Player Interactions:Wayka Wellesley asks for TBC to perform phrases in order

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Interaction Information

Date: January 1, 2021
Player(s): CactusRoseAmber, Morgul, matt.hoadley, Isleapy Hunter
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Wayka asks us for a favor, to speak Old Tongue but needs to use our flesh as she does not have one.
  • What Wayka wants to say begins with "Youth, Our Prey", and when one part is said with at least two bodies, she will ask for the next

Video of Interaction

Interaction begins at 1:11 in the video.
Interaction begins at 1:11 in the video.


CactusRoseAmber: (talking to stream chat) No links allowed, sorry, chef

(Phone lights up with message from 919: 919 919 919)

CactusRoseAmber: Oh. Um Um, go to 919, go 919. Guys, 919 let’s go.

Morgul: I don’t know where it is.

CactusRoseAmber: Down here, down here, down here, let’s go.

Matt.Hoadley: Bottom right.

CactusRoseAmber: Let’s go. (uses take down on a sleeper)

Matt.Hoadley: Tranq my way down the street.

CactusRoseAmber: Yeah, come on, come on guys, hurry. Hurry hurry hurry. There’s some speed-traps in our way but we gotta go. We gotta go. We gotta heckin’ go. Oh my gosh my heart is pounding (keeps glancing back to make sure Morgul and Isleapy are following)

Matt.Hoadley: What do we have to do when we get in here?

CactusRoseAmber: Um, let’s get in there first. Let’s find our way in. (starts trying to deal with the Call, gives up) ((explicative)) it, I don’t care about the Call, it can go off, I don’t care. Inside inside. (Sleeper in the house) Of course, hi (tases them) get out of my way.

Matt.Hoadley: Case?

Morgul: I… got got.

CactusRoseAmber: (in yellow bedroom of 919) Wayka? Wayka? Wayka? (opens window) come on, inside.

Matt.Hoadley: Get inside, Case.

CactusRoseAmber: Inside, inside, inside. Yellow bedroom, yellow bedroom.

(Taken to Saturation Control)

CactusRoseAmber: Don’t move, guys, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move, don’t move.

Isolated Watcher/Wayka: as she says. Please do not move… Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i have offered answers. Bargained…. Isolated Watcher/Wayka: now i ask for a favor, of some weight Isolated Watcher/Wayka: nothing but a dead woman’s gratitude… Isolated Watcher/Wayka: do you understand?

CactusRoseAmber: Yes.

Morgul: Yes.

CactusRoseAmber: I do understand.

Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i must speak in the old tongue Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i need your club, your help to speak it Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i have no flesh. yours, i ask to borrow.

CactusRoseAmber: Um. Okay? Uh, what-which one do you want?

Isolated Watcher/Wayka: tell the children. what i wish to say… Isolated Watcher/Wayka: begins with… Isolated Watcher/Wayka: youth, our prey

CactusRoseAmber: (repeats out loud) “youth, our prey”, okay. . . ohhh i don’t have that one right now.

Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i will try to find those who have each Isolated Watcher/Wayka: and when one part is said Isolated Watcher/Wayka: with at least two bodies at once Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i will ask for the next. do you follow?

CactusRoseAmber: I understand. And I will let them know.

Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i will remember this favor. Isolated Watcher/Wayka: some of you i can’t hear, but… Isolated Watcher/Wayka: i will remember your names Isolated Watcher/Wayka: now go, run children

CactusRoseAmber: Alright, friends, follow the (countdown from 10 starts) …. Follow the… feet? Follow the steps follow the steps follow the steps, cause I don’t know where - (looks around, spots Adversary symbol) OH! Adversary!!

(Mission ends)