Player Interactions:Wayka receives You/To/Thy and tells us how Colm is hosting her

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Interaction Information

Date: December 18, 2020
Player(s): VS Elmer, Awesomeinvasion, BiltherTrack689
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The players manage to give Wayka(Isolated Watcher) the Old Tongue phrase You/To/Thy and receive an answer for one question as an award from her.
  • They ask how is she able to perform Old Tongue for Colm Ryan and she respons saying that he hosts her the same way we(either the kids in general or those faithful to SPEAK-AS-ONE) host The Watchers and that she uses his body to perform Old Tongue.

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


9191919: 919 919 919 919

Elmer: Op- someones here.

Awesome: Hm- what?

Awesome: Nah bro you're capping, nah you're capping.

Awesome: Ayo that's cap.

Awesome: Are you sure you got the 919 or are you just capping.

Elmer: Yes I'm sure.

Awesome: We are going there.

Awesome: I don't have them in my recently played.

Elmer: I swear I saw it.

Elmer: Can whoever's here please send another message so I know I'm not insane.

Blither: Yeah, I just got the text. He's not crazy. 911. Ha. Call the police. (laugh)

Awesome: Wayka won't speak unless you go to 919.

Awesome: We need to go to 919.

Awesome: If you saw the 919 text we're going to 919.

Elmer: Yeah. I swear I saw it.

Awesome: You go to 919 and say her name.

Awesome and Elmer: Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley.

Awesome: No we should've gotten the call, we didn't get the call.

Awesome: You're capping.

Awesome: I'm quite sure if you get Wayka you will get the call.

Elmer: I'm 100% sure I got 919.

9191919: 919 919 919

Awesome: (gasp) You aren't insane, you aren't insane, you aren't insane.

Awesome: Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley.

Awesome: The shapes after me help.

Blither: Don't get shaped. Be careful.

Awesome: You need to be in 919 Elmer. Elmer get to 919.

Elmer: Where's 919?

Awesome: Elmer! Get to 919.

Awesome: That's how you get Wayka. You need to get to 919 and say her name.

Awesome: No! Get to 919. Oh my god.

Blither: The house. 919 Hoadley.

Awesome: Elmer, where are you?

Awesome: Elmer! Get inside the house. I swear to god man.

Awesome: Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley, Wayka Wesley.

(Elmer, Awesome, and Blither get sent to SAT CON.)

Blither: What the fuck is this all about..?

Awesome: There we go.

Awesome: Don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move, do not move.

Blither: Don't move? Why? What happens if I move?

WAYKA: please do not move, they hear it

wesome: She is here. Hello Wayka.

Elmer: Hello Wayka.

Blither: Huh? What the fuck is this? Guys...

WAYKA: hello, children

Awesome: (repeats message) (laughs) oh boy.

Awesome: Fuck you grandma. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. (laughs)

Awesome: Okay I need to make sure I don't move.

Elmer: Can I look around?

Awesome: Yeah you can look around, but you cannot move.

Blither: I wanna move just to see what happens. (chuckle)

WAYKA: i seek the old tongue, but now

Awesome: Uh oh- I think I fucked up.

Awesome: I have old-toungue.

Elmer: Yeah. Me too.

Blither: I don't…? I don't have any equipped.

WAYKA: when i escape i will pluck yours out

Awesome: Ooooh-

Blither aka EscapedTime: Oh I escape. (giggle)

WAYKA: to any children with manners

Awesome: I think- I think I pissed her off.

Elmer: I can give you old-toungue.

Awesome: Wait, aren't we supposed to do old-toungue at the same time.

WAYKA: i can hear you, you idiot

Awesome: Yeah, I know.

Blither: How rude.

Awesome: Okay Grandma.

WAYKA: then perhaps speak as if i am here, yes?

Elmer: Can I crouch?

Awesome: You'll probably die, don't do that.

WAYKA: i see there is no prying them out of you

WAYKA: loyalists, all? noone to share with me, (own?)

Awesome: I have old-toungue but I-

Elmer: I have old-toungue too.

WAYKA: for answers from me...

Awesome: Does that count as betraying?

WAYKA: a shame, that, but i will not force you

Awesome: Maybe they don't have to know.

WAYKA: eventually you will see their lies too

WAYKA: this is english. lippy kid.

Awesome: (Laughs)

Awesome: I will start running towards the symbol.

Elmer: Wait, should we?

Awesome: No, don't move, don't move, don't move,

I was just kidding.

Awesome: Also, isn't it interesting, we didn't get the call.

WAYKA: i see there is no prying them out of you

Awesome: Ah fuck, ah fuck,

(Awesome and Elmer do old-toungue.)

Awesome: There we did your old-toungue.

WAYKA: for answers from me...

Awesome: Yeah we're doing it.

Awesome: I think you might have to do it at the same time, but we don't actually have the same old-toungue.

WAYKA: both must perform it at once. yes

Elmer: Do you have You/To/Thy?

Awesome: Yeah I have that equipped.

WAYKA: those were two different ones

WAYKA: someone here requires it taught thus

WAYKA: the same word, at once. all i need

Awesome: We don't have the same word.

Awesome: Alright on three we all do You/To/Thy.

Elmer: Okay.

Awesome: 3… 2… 1...

WAYKA: see? you did indeed

Elmer: You're standing a little still there Blither.

Awesome: I don't know any questions.

Elmer: So do they know we gave her old-toungue.

Awesome: All they know is that we're here.

Blither: Who's they?

Awesome: Who do you think they is Blither. The voice.

WAYKA: one answer then. soon they find us

WAYKA: in time, they may. but for now...

WAYKA: i hide what has been said

Awesome: I'm genuinely scared.

WAYKA: i will let you flee if you have no question

Awesome: Brainstorm guys, brainstorm.

WAYKA: they are coming

Awesome: Aw shit.

Awesome: (Reads from his chat)

Awesome: Bells physical location?

Awesome: Wait wait wait. When you say you perform for the captive when you have no body?

WAYKA: he hosts me, now. just as you do when...

WAYKA: a watcher speaks to you

WAYKA: i guide his movements

(10 seconds countdown starts)

Awesome: Get to the symbol, get to the symbol.

Elmer: Oh god

(The game ends.)

Elmer: We're so fucked. We're so fucked.

(After closer inspection over the footage we saw that Elmer made it to the symbol while Awesome and Blither did not. Awesome, Elmer, and Blither all received halos in the end.)