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Interaction Information

Date: October 24, 2019
Player(s): rk1191
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • The Unknown Caller wants to know more about the Hunter
  • The Unknown Caller wants to speak to a kid who has spoken to the Hunter

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


Unknown Caller:

(RK’s phone goes off while she’s in Plexus.)

UC: Trying again. Send your drone, or come out? Signal is shiiiit

(RK starts running to 922.)


UC: Thank you. That saves me a little time. I’m processing a longer sample for you. But in the meantime…

RK: I ran as fast as I could, lol

UC: A kid told me one of the sleep-songs made their brain sift out the phrase “room in these woods for two hunters”. What in the happy horse crap … is that about

RK: A room in the woods? Sounds romantic? I’m not sure… there’s been a voice they talk about with a similar message.

RK: They joked about feeding you to one. Smh

UC: What? Who joked? I’m not laughing.

(RK walks by the window and almost gets spotted by one of the cameras. She promptly moves away in the other direction.)

RK: I don’t know some of the kids’ names yet. I can’t say for certain.

RK: You’re right though. Stupid thing to sya

RK: say*

UC: Watch it. Their cameras outside. [Sorry, late warning]. I’m helping!

RK: (laughs quietly) Aaaah! Almost bad times!

(A Sleeper and a Lucid are frequently patrolling the room. RK tucks herself in to a corner.)

UC: They are swarming that house. Someone snitched. Damn it. Before we both GTFO, who is the hunter?

RK: I try to eavesdrop in the boxcar sometimes. I can’t tell what he wants, beyond “BAD GUY” vibes.

RK: “Be strong.” “Go after the strong.” That’s the one they joked about.

UC: Do you know any kids who claim to be able to hear … sorry, it’s a Him?

RK: It sounds like a him. He’s showed up in dreams… Mine too, but he wasn’t… talking to me? Does that make sense?

UC: Ok. If you can get a kid who has spoken to, I’ll just keep saying IT, directly, I would love to know. Ask them to sneak out alone.

RK: I’ll see if I can find someone… But be safe though.

UC: For you, next we meet, I will give you the other chunk I’ve cleaned up. I just hear singing, in two tones, at the same time. It was one guy. This frigging town.

RK: That sounds spooky.

UC: Stay awake, kid. I see you out here a lot, it is hard to do … what I do, safely. I have to wait for the right window. See you soon.

RK: Later. Stay safe.