Player Interactions:Will You Tell Me Your Story, Child

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Interaction Information

Date: December 19, 2020
Player(s): Novocaine, Cassowary, gutkid
Interacted With: Isolated Watcher
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Wayka visits to request an exchange of Old Tongue for information, as well as to ask Novocaine of his story with SPEAK-AS-ONE.
  • Novo explains why he left them and how they killed him for it. Hearing this, Wayka grows angry over the Voice's judgement against Novo, Joel, and herself.
  • In exchange for NAME-THE-BEAST, she tells us that Bells used a video camera to record a "meeting," one in which "something... horrible" was said. The Voice demanded its retrieval, seeming worried, but would not tell the Watchers what had been recorded.
  • She warns us that "they are coming," and the countdown ends with Novo, Cassowary, and gut returning to the boxcar to halos.

Video of Interaction


"Wayka: 919 919 919 919"

Cassowary: OH.

Novocaine: oh god damn it

Cassowary: wayka is that you? cause uh, guess what! I’m pretty sick of you already! you’ve only been around for like 5 seconds, and I wish you weren’t,

Novocaine: cass get in here!!! get in!! get in!! GET in here!!!

Cassowary: where is here--

Novocaine: 919!!!

Cassowary: okay,, were going to- oh. I don’t know what we’re doing dude. do you think I know what's going on anymore? I don’t. I just know that someone wants to kill an 11 year old.

Novocaine: PFT-- you’re not wrong

Cassowary: and you know what? that’s not going to happen! because that's a baby.

gutki (having completely missed the first text message): why do I keep getting red-eyed!!! what do you want from me!!!

Cassowary: I don’t know. homophobia I guess,

"Wayka: 919 919 919 919"

gutkid, still unaware (because they didn’t receive the second text message): …. slurp


Novocaine: are you slurping the sink water? I swear to god

gutkid: (various slurping noises)

Cassowary, crying: you don’t know where that waters been!!!!

gutkid: Ahem, let me just uh, lemme just, (takes a SIP)

(everyone crying and laughing)

gutkid: ah, ‘scuse me, just needed a quick refresher.

(then the gang gets taken to satcon)

Cassowary: we don’t live in a- AH, GOD. OH MAN. OKAY. ALRIGHT. LOOK, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT---

"Wayka: what is wrong with you"

Cassowary: what is wrong with YOU? (laughing) gut was just trying to get a drink!

(gutkid, finally realizing they had a guest and trying not to lose their mind: just… a little bit thirsty. sorry about that)

"Wayka: there is water in pitchers"


gutkid: there’s water in a lot of places! sometimes you have to make do,

Cassowary: listen. you either hydrate or you diedrate, don’t be a coward

Novocaine: I would say I’m about to pass out but I think we already are,

gutkid: that’s a given

"Wayka: you are an odd bunch"


Cassowary: oh, oh we’re the odd bunch, at least we’re not a disembodied grandparent trying to kill a child!

Novocaine: PFFT

gutkid: she never said she wanted to kill her!

"Wayka: give yourself time."

Cassowary: uh-huh. uh-huh. really. REALLY! I just don't foresee that being my final destination, yknow? all those years just to commit child murder?

"Wayka: who said anything about murder"

Cassowary: I don't know, I’ve heard whispers of revenge and with disembodied entities, that tends to be---

"Wayka: you lack creativity, but not lip"

Cassowary: ---murder hwhHBEHEFH WOW. (mockingly) yOu LaCk CrEatIvItY. mhm

Novocaine: HEY! cassowary is VERY creative, thank you very much, grandma!

Cassowary: yeah yeah. I would like to create: a way to LEAVE. thanks.

"Wayka: have you any tongue to go with it?"

Cassowary: (laughing) WOW. listen, um, not for you! not for anyone, actually, my tongue is mine, their tongues are theirs, no borrowing.

"Wayka: you know what I mean, you ghoul"

Cassowary: OH. do I? do I?- OH, do you mean OLD TONGUE? cause I already gave you- … I gave you old tongue when I first met you. does anybody else have any? because i'm not giving… THIS ghoul any more.

gutkid: novo, do you still have the set that we prepared?

Novocaine: I do!

gutkid: well…

Cassowary: go for it!

"Wayka: I require it performed together, yes"

gutkid: wayka, can we arrange an exchange of some... type? because the old tongue that we have prepared actually falls into that. we’d like to know about the hunter.

"Wayka: he does not believe the solitary words. yes"

"Wayka: answers, if I am aware of them"

"Wayka: one for each phrase I do not know"

gutkid: we heard from other club kids that you knew something about... the hunters... old tongue name?

Cassowary: that sounds like a dream.

Novocaine: right?

"Wayka: what did they say of this?"

gutkid: they said that in exchange for who got your grandson killed, you’d be able to disclose parts of his name, if you knew it.

"Wayka: I did not say this to them"

Cassowary: (laughing) well alright!

gutkid: unfortunate… then… why old tongue?

"Wayka: I believe the voice has ..."

"Wayka: parts of many names, his included"

Cassowary: hmm. comforting.

"Wayka: I seek to take it all from them"

Cassowary: and do what.

"Wayka: you? hush"


Cassowary: uh-huh. I just don’t see why we should give anything to you, but fine.

"Wayka: one of you left them. once, I said us."

"Wayka: will you tell me your story, child"

Novocaine: me???

Cassowary: yep. that’s you!

gutkid: she means you!

"Wayka: before we make the exchange"

Novocaine: oh! uh… well, what do you wanna know?

Cassowary: I think she wants to know why you left!

"Wayka: I want to know why. what they did."

Novocaine: oh… okay! um… eugh, it's… I left, cause like…. they- ... they always talk about how they’re gonna protect people, how they’re gonna like, y’know, be super cool, and… I dunno, relive us from all our pain? but all they do is cause more of it… and so, I just wanted to save my friends, so I did what I thought was best, and then… they… uh… got. mad at me, (laugh) so...

"Wayka: mad."

Cassowary: yeah, I remember that. when you were talking about... how you couldn’t protect your friends.. because, if they showed up. they would kill them, and you’d have to let them.

Novocaine: yeah. they took people from me once

"Wayka: what did they do to you?"

Novocaine: what did they do to me? uh, well… uuhehuhguh..... they. killed me. uh, I survived!!! yay!! but they uh,,, they left a scar, but...

"Wayka: I know the feeling"

gutkid: guess you two have that in common!

Novocaine: yeah…

"Wayka: this judgement. the same for joel"

"Wayka: too much, too decisively"

"Wayka: no attempt to redeem. not the old way. "

Novocaine: ...yeah.

"Wayka: they say, we are patient. we are patience"

Cassowary: they weren’t very patient when they killed him right in front of me.

"Wayka: we all said it. where was it for you?"

"Wayka: where was it for joel?"

Novocaine: where has it been for anybody?

"Wayka: I am growing angry. the old tongue..."

Novocaine: ...shall we do the old tongue?

gutkid: yeah.

Novocaine: okay.

"Wayka: if two of you know of it. if you choose."

gutkid: alright. on go?

Novocaine: yep.

gutkid: ok. 3, 2, 1, go

(Novocaine and gutkid perform the old tongue phrase “NAME-THE-BEAST”)

gutkid: that’s name the beast, since you are seeking... parts of the other gods names, then hopefully that helps you with the hunter...

"Wayka: what are the other meanings of each part"

Novocaine: the other names of each part, uh… the first two, uh can mean, the, name or be, and the last one is: beast, or breed, or prey.

"Wayka: I knew these, but not all of the third"

gutkid: I see…

Novocaine: okay…

"Wayka: one answer, then"

"Wayka: as best and as honestly as I may"

Cassowary: what are you guys gonna ask?

Novocaine: uhm… gut, what should we ask? there's like. two things we could ask…

gutkid: either one, and if Wayka knows the answer to one of them then, I guess we can ask you, right?

"Wayka: they will discover us soon"

gutkid: okay,

Novocaine: E. okay, um…. do you wanna ask or should I?

gutkid: go for it.

Novocaine: okay… uhm… do you know… anything about bells, like-

gutkid: other than… she lives, and she's with you here- with US, here, in satcon.

Novocaine: yeah!

"Wayka: yes. I know that she recorded a meeting"

"Wayka: in which something … horrible was said"

Cassowary: what was said?

"Wayka: she had a camera, the kind with ..."

"Wayka: much storage for picture and sound"

gutkid: you think that’s the proof she was talking about?

Novocaine: probably...

"Wayka: I know the voice asked us"

"Wayka: to seek it at all costs. sounded worried"

"Wayka: and would not tell us what was on it"

gutkid: so they keep secrets from even you guys.... even from their faithful.

"Wayka: yes. part of why … here. I ask for stories"

Novocaine: I see.

"Wayka: of those who also saw through them"

"Wayka: though for you, it happened so early"

"Wayka: and for me. so late. wait"

"Wayka: they are coming. go"

(we all then proceed to scramble around and panic as the timer counts down, and we exit the mission!!)