Player Interactions:You're Already Burnt

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Interaction Information

Date: September 7, 2019
Player(s): Sparrowlet
Interacted With: Unknown Caller
Major details from the Interaction:

  • Sparrowlet receives a few messages from the Unknown Caller. The first confirming the Sculptor was a Sleeptalker and that Unknown Caller had it recorded.
  • When asked which of "Them" Sparrowlet follows, she explains she follows THEE-I-DARE. Unknown Caller responds by telling her it was the wrong answer and she's "already burnt."

Video of Interaction

No video provided.


UC: Your sculptor was a sleeptalker. He recorded it. I’ve got his archive. Can I trust you?

Sparrow: The sculptor? ...Yes…? You can trust me

UC: Which of Them do you follow?

Sparrow: ...The broken one. THEE-I-DARE. I’ him a friend.

UC: Wrong answer, kid. I’m sorry. You’re already burnt.

Sparrow: Alright. But I plan to get to the bottom of this. No matter what.