Prank Caller

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Prank Caller
Sabotage enemy equipment

Prank Caller is the first card of the Hacker Major Power from the The Deck.


The Hacker major power is a deck focused on exploiting electronic devices to your advantage. After unlocking the power, there are four additional upgrades that improve the Hacker's abilities and effectiveness. All Hacker abilities incur Sins, increasing the chance of the Shape spawning.

Prank calling an enemy is among the most sinful actions a player can commit because it distracts enemies from their duties and indicates interference from The Blackout Club (Group). The sin from a Hacker action is not reported by the enemy until the call ends or the enemy breaks out of the call.


   Prank Caller Off the Grid War Dial Remote Disarm L337 

Prank Caller
HackerCard 1PrankCaller.png
1 Power Point
Send prank call to Sleeper.
R / Controls / Controls

Upgrade your phone to be able to spoof a call to a target Sleepwalker’s monitoring device. The sleepwalker will be distracted and listen to the pre-recorded voice message, allowing you to sneak by without being heard.

TO PRANK CALL A SLEEPWALKER: Get close enough to a Sleepwalker that you can maintain a clear line of sight. When you see the onscreen prompt, press R / Controls / Controls to send the prank call.

The Sleepwalker will eventually give up on the message and hang up. After that, it should regain its sensitive hearing.


  • The voice on the Prank Call sounds similar to Bells' voice, implying that she was the one who came up with and recorded the Prank Call.
  • This power used to be known purely as "Prank Call" before it was changed to "Hacker" to better describe its multiple abilities.
  • The fifth card, L337, is in reference to Leetspeak, a form of internet language in which characters in words are replaced with symbols or numbers that look similar or represent the original alphabet character. The word itself, "LEET" is derived from the word "elite".