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Sins is a system in The Blackout Club (game).


Sins are actions and the byproduct of actions from TBC members reported by Sleepers and Lucids. Sins can be committed in-the-moment by club members or discovered and reported later by observant Sleepers or Lucids. When a threshold of Sins reported has been reached, the Shape is dispatched to suppress the most-sinful player. As more sins are committed and reported, a different player may be labeled as "most wanted" and become the Shape's target. The Sin threshold to bring out the Shape varies with each mission and depends on a variety of factors including the type of crime reported and its severity.

The Instrument playing as the total Sins begin reaching the threshold.

The game will inform players when the Sin threshold for the Shape is being approached via an auditory cue. Players may hear the sound of The Instrument in the background at first as a faint noise, growing louder as more sinful actions are committed or reported. The sound of the Instrument will get louder each time until the Shape emerges.

The major classifications of Sins are:

  • Assault
  • Coercion
  • Disturbance
  • Hacking
  • Murder
  • PrankCall
  • Resisting
  • StalkerReport
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism

Sometimes players are presented with options for actions. The sinful action (like using Prank Call or kicking in a door) is denoted with a red devil-horn icon next to the action text in red, Sin Icon.png like this. If the action is performed, the result will be sinful if discovered.

The tables below list Sins that the Kids commit in missions through their actions, the type of crime reported by the Dispatcher, and its severity (a weighted measure of its impact on total Sins). Stalkers who invade missions contribute to Sin reporting as they record items and actions committed in the game. Stalker-Reported Sins are fundamentally the same actions reported by Sleepers or Lucids but are always classified as StalkerReport.

The only time players can reduce Sins is by completing the Install Dampers in Maze objective during a Disrupt mission. Placing dampers on the vibrating strings reduces a small portion of Sins. If the Shape is out while placing the dampers, it is possible in some rare cases to reduce the Sin total below the Shape threshold; this will cause the Shape to go into the nearest Red Door until the Sin threshold is reached again.

Types of Sins

Self-Reported Sin

Sins reported by the victim in the moment.

Action Type of Crime Approximate Severity
(Low, Medium, High)
Noise detection by a Sleeper or Lucid
(including walking, running, Drone UFO beeps, etc.)
Disturbance Low
Prank Call use on Sleepers and Lucids PrankCall High
Remote Disarm on Security Cameras Hacking Medium
Physically Seen by Lucid, the Shape, or Suppressed Teammate Trespassing Medium
Breaking Free from Grapple Resisting Low
Detected by Security Camera
(red light and alarm)
Trespassing Low
Using Takedown on an enemy Assault Medium

Witnessed/Discovered Sin

Sins seen or heard in the moment or discovered after occurring. For actions on AI, they are discovered by someone other than the AI victim. These sins do not count against the Kids until they are reported.

Action Type of Crime Approximate Severity
(Low, Medium, High)
Enemy pinned with the Takedown upgrade, And Stay Down Murder Medium
Kicked-In Door Vandalism Low
Knocked-Out Enemy (Tranquilizer Dart, Sleep Tripwire) Murder High

Stalker-Reported Sin

Sins reported by a Stalker that has invaded the mission. Stalkers are not able to record all types of Sins, but the ones they are able to record are listed here with the point values for each sin reported. They are approximately the same severity as if they were reported by a Sleeper or Lucid. Stalkers are able to report sins that have already been reported by AI and these will be worth less points than if they were discovered for the first time.

If the player who committed the sin is Suppressed, the sins recorded and reported by the Stalker will be worth 0 points.

Action Type of Crime Stalker Points
Direct Recording of the Kids StalkerReport 1 point (per second)
Knocked-Out Body StalkerReport 100 points
50 points (if already discovered)
Kicked In Door StalkerReport 14 points
7 points (if already discovered)


  • In debug builds of The Blackout Club (game), the cheat to instantly give a bunch of sin points is QtnCrimeTime.[1]


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