Speed Trap

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Speed Trap
Speed Trap
Stuns any Blackout Club members when moving too fast in it's vicinity

The Speed Trap is an environmental hazard found in missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Speed Traps are traps with laser sensors that detect when there's a person quickly moving past them. If the Speed Trap catches a Blackout Club member moving past it at a fast enough speed, the trap will activate and shock anyone in the range of the trap. When shocked, you're stunned in place for a few seconds and at the mercy of nearby enemies.

LeftQuote.png Sup speed freaks! (chill, Dax, Redacre is so sober its scary). If you're like me, sometimes you just wake up in a dead sprint, no idea why. Time to watch your step, starting now. This little thing put about a jillion volts into my ass - if there had been any of those creeps nearby, well, you wouldn't be reading this.

If you're moving fast enough, this 'speed trap' throws some kind of charge in every direction. Good news is, they are pretty easy to take apart; just get close (slowly!) and disarm it. Similar guts to an acoustic mine, we figure - foam, flash bang, darts, all work on them. So if you're sticking with fast & loud... I hope you can shoot from the hip!

— Note on Speed Traps in the Hideout

Speed Traps are used in the following objective in Disrupt missions with Foam Grenades:

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Speed Traps can safely be disarmed by crouching slowly to the center of the trap and holding [F] to disarm the trap. Players can also walk to the center of the trap, stopping just before the trap shocks because it takes a moment for the the trap to activate. A small window of opportunity to reach the center of the trap exists to allow it to be disarmed. Throwing a Foam Grenade at the trap will disable permanently. Tranquilizer Dart and Flash Bang can be used to temporarily disable the speed trap. If the player has the Hacker Major Power's third upgrade, Remote Disarm, they can use it to temporarily disarm the trap from a safe distance.

To make traversing the map easier, Speed Traps should be disarmed whenever the opportunity arises. You never know when a teammate will rush through the path later while being chased.

The mission objective, Foam Party, requires 10 speed traps to be deactivated.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As long as a player is crouch-walking and moving at a slow speed, they are able to deactivate the Speed Trap while moving.

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