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The Story Timeline is The Blackout Club Wiki's breakdown of The Blackout Club (game) story


The story of The Blackout Club (game) evolves live in front of players, largely through Player Interactions.

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The Timeline

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August 17
The Blackout Club begins Closed Beta testing
October 30
The Blackout Club enters Early Access


March 1
DIE-FOR-YOU and THE-MEASURE-CUTS appear on the ritual table
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Description: The symbol and sacrifice quotes of the two Voices appear on the table after weeks of slowly revealing themselves in Recalled Dreams.
July 30
The Blackout Club launches (1.0)
July 31
The voice of a mysterious man reaches out to the Club
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Description: Club members begin to report hearing a new voice, known only as The Captive. He claimed to be a human, as opposed to one of The Voices. After warning them of an impending blackout, he guides them through Saturation Control by telling them to follow his symbol.
August 2
A Damaged Voice calls for help
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Description: Club members hear from a Damaged Voice about finding her broken symbol and telling THEE-I-DARE who they think attacked her.
August 8
THEE-I-DARE becomes ill after seeing Colm's broken sculpture
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Description: After being shown the broken sculpture in 922 Hoadly, THEE-I-DARE states he was suddenly not feeling well and that something was wrong. He asks players not to mention the sculpture before having memory issues and problems remembering his own name.
September 1
First messages received from an Unknown Caller
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Description: Players begin receiving text messages mid-mission from an "UNKNOWN CALLER"...
September 14
SEED-THE-GRUDGE appears on the ritual table
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Description: After many rituals sent for SEED-THE-GRUDGE, her name and symbol appear on the ritual table for both Light of Rebellions and Sacrifices.
September 15
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Description: THEE-I-DARE asked players to send rituals to his siblings in search of allies against SPEAK-AS-ONE. DIE-FOR-YOU is the first agreeing to join through a Broadcast.
October 3
The Unknown Caller piques the Unknown Hunter Voice's interest
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Description: Hearing word about the mysterious texter going by the name of Unknown Caller, the Unknown Hunter Voice (later named HUNT-THE-STRONG) shows interest in them too.
October 19
The Unknown Caller shares his recordings of the Sculptor
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Description: Players are contact by the Unknown Caller, told to go to the bedroom of 922 Hoadly and hear clips of the Sculptor to see if anything could be recognized in the audio.
October 10
The Club discovers that the Damaged Voice is CHASE-THE-SUN
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Description: THEE-I-DARE confirms that the Damaged Voice, whose symbol laid shattered in 922 Hoadly, was once CHASE-THE-SUN.
October 31
DANCE-FOR-US says the Unknown Caller is under her protection
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Description: DANCE-FOR-US sends a Broadcast to inform the club of her protection over the Unknown Caller and that he is "on to something".
November 5
The Unknown Caller sends out deadman's switches
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Description: The Unknown Caller's automated text messages are received by players instructing them to go to 922 Hoadly where they receive the last Sculptor Sleeptalk Translations. The Unknown Caller is presumed to be dead.
November 9
Unknown Hunter Voice consumes DANCE-FOR-US
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Description: DANCE-FOR-US meets a group of followers and transports them to the Moon only to meet the Unknown Hunter Voice (HUNT-THE-STRONG). The sky glows red and a swirling black hole is visible in place of the stars. The Unknown Hunter Voice explains how DANCE-FOR-US was close to the truth, but he used an exploit with Old Tongue to turn DANCE-FOR-US's Hosts into his own. She realizes this makes her dead in Redacre and is then consumed by the Unknown Hunter Voice. A pillar with her icon against a red backdrop appears on the Moon as the Hunter claims all her Hosts as his own.
November 15
The Voices urge the Club to find the Unknown Hunter Voice's name
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Description: After the death of DANCE-FOR-US, the other Voices urge the Club to find the Hunter's name, whether spoken or in Old Tongue. If they manage to find his name, they may be able to fight back against him.
December 3
The Unknown Caller reappears, but something is off
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Description: Players who interact with the Unknown Caller begin noticing they are speaking to them in full caps compared to the normal sentence or lowercase text. It is later revealed the Unknown Caller is under the influence of The Unknown Hunter Voice
December 21
The Hunter's Spoken Name is discovered, and he reveals No More Shadows
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Description: The Unknown Hunter Voice reveals his true name is HUNT-THE-STRONG and displays a new curse, No More Shadows.
December 30
THE-MEASURE-CUTS joins the Pact
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Description: After approaching players for their opinions, THE-MEASURE-CUTS decides to join the Pact and forgo his prior neutrality.


January 31
SEED-THE-GRUDGE joins the Pact
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Description: After THEE-I-DARE offers SEED-THE-GRUDGE the position of leader to entice her and many rituals sent from players, SEED-THE-GRUDGE accepts THEE-I-DARE's offer.
March 19
DIE-FOR-YOU tries to free the Unknown Caller
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Description: DIE-FOR-YOU plants a connection in the Unknown Caller's mind in an attempt to free him from HUNT-THE-STRONG
April 25
LAUGH-LAST reconsiders the Pact
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Description: LAUGH-LAST agrees to hear out The Pact after spending months demanding THEE-I-DARE apologize to him.
May 9
Devin Esposito disappears
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Description: Devin Esposito is reported by The Blackout Club (HQ) to be missing, having not been seen or heard from for some time.
May 17
Players receive strange text messages from an unknown sender
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Description: Some TBC members begin receiving messages from a sender who's name is composed of random ASCII characters, changing every time.
May 22
A voice claiming to be Bells appears and takes players to Saturation Control
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Description: A Voice speaks to players, sounding identical to Isabela Madi-Shaw. She tells players she has a hard time remembering things, only remembering the existence of her name, The Blackout Club (Group), and her teacher, Lenka Staneck. She could not remember THEE-I-DARE's name and asked players to perform Old Tongue for her. She transported players to Saturation Control where SPEAK-AS-ONE's symbol was found.
July 25
The Dead Skeptic creates a signal relay and reveals themselves
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Description: Previously known as the mysterious ASCII character texter, Dead Skeptic asks members of TBC to fly drones over Hoadly's Leap so they can create a relay that SPEAK-AS-ONE and CHORUS Communities would not locate, allowing their broadcast to be received in the Hideout. It is later revealed that Devin Esposito became a junior member.
September 27
The Pact isolates a Watcher in the Place Between
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Description: THEE-I-DARE has been hoping to break a Watcher loose from The Song since learning about the Voice claiming to be Isabela Madi-Shaw to get answers. Through the efforts of the Blackout Club, the Pact was finally able to isolate a Watcher in The Place Between so they can begin to get information.
October 10
The Isolated Watcher revealed it is 95 years old and once lived in 919 Hoadly
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Description: Repeating "919 919 919", the Isolated Watcher reveals they used to live in 919 Hoadly (or were 95 years old, isn't certain).
October 17
The Isolated Watcher is asked about Joel, the fragment in 919 Hoadly
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Description: When asked about one of THEE-I-DARE's former Hosts, Joel, the Watcher recognizes the name and provides some information.
October 24
919 Hoadly belongs to the Wellesley family according to the Dead Skeptics files
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Description: Dead Skeptic shared what files they could access on 919 Hoadly, including information about the Wellesley family.
November 1
Devin uncovers the Isolated Watcher's name
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Description: Devin Esposito delves into Dead Skeptic's files about the Wellesley family and finds the name "Wayka Wellesley".
November 7
SPEAK-AS-ONE removes the Isolated Watcher from the Place Between
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Description: SPEAK-AS-ONE sends one of their followers in to the Place Between in order to help them kill the Isolated Watcher.
November 8
The Club discovers the Isolated Watcher is alive and in Saturation Control
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Description: The Isolated Watcher is alive and wasn't killed by SPEAK-AS-ONE, much to the surprise of the Club. She begins reaching out to players by sending repeated text messages that say "919191919" and sending them to Saturation Control to talk when they say her name in 919 Hoadly.
November 14
The Isolated Watcher confirms that Bells is alive
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Description: After a discussion about why she was imprisoned, the Isolated Watcher confirms that Bells is alive and was taken by SPEAK-AS-ONE


January 2
The Isolated Watcher escapes Saturation Control
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Description: After collecting Old Tongue from members of the Blackout Club, the Isolated Watcher says she needs assistance in acting out a sequence, due to not having her own body to perform Old Tongue. Upon completion of the sequence, the Isolated Watcher is able to escape from Saturation Control, no longer needing to teleport players there in order to speak with them.
January 30
The Club receives warnings about "Sundown"
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Description: SPEAK-AS-ONE speaks threateningly about a mysterious event called "Sundown". The Dead Skeptic warns that SPEAK-AS-ONE is calling all of their outside agents from the east coast home.
March 6
The Unknown Caller urges the Blackout Club to "find the names"
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Description: Momentarily breaking HUNT-THE-STRONG's influence, the Unknown Caller tells the Club that the Song is changing and they must "find the names". The Club believes the "names" are Watchers' names when they were alive.
March 26
Devin offers to look up names in the Dead Skeptic database
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Description: With access to the Dead Skeptic database, Devin offers their help in finding the names the Unknown Caller asked the Club to find.
April 23
THEE-I-DARE is able to contact Devin through Staneck's phone
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Description: While his Hosts tended to Lenka Staneck, they discovered Devin's contact information on her cellphone. THEE-I-DARE offers to relay messages to Devin, posing as Staneck.
May 7
Devin uncovers the name Everest Biehl
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Description: Looking in to the database, Devin finds out the police officer from one of the journals had a great grandfather named Everest Biehl.
May 8
Devin uncovers the name Livia Perdichi
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Description: While looking up Mr. Perdichi in the database, Devin finds his mother "Livia Perdichi" in the death records.
May 14
Devin recalls Omar uz-Zaman, the previous mayor
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Description: A search of mayoral candidates leads Devin to sharing the name of the previous mayor, Omar uz-Zaman. They recall a large memorial for him after he died peacefully.
May 15
Devin uncovers the name Horace Giménez, before disappearing
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Description: Devin looks up the Giménez surname and discovers Horace Giménez. While discussing the name, Devin learns that THEE-I-DARE was deceiving them by posing as Staneck. Shortly after, Devin says they hear something outside the Unknown Caller's van. They never respond back afterwards.
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