Supply Crate

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Supply Crate
Supply Crate
Contains one or two Field Items or mission items.
Open & Pick Up Items Inside
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The Supply Crate is a chest holding Field Items in missions.

Description[edit | edit source]

Supply Crates are green strong boxes found on missions. Their location is randomly generated on each mission. They have been strategically placed and stocked by members of the Blackout Club for member use. Supply crates on the surface can have hidden compartments under a false top to hide contents; these crates will look like green storage boxes. CHORUS Communities Emergency Supply boxes also serve as supply crates on the surface. Supply crates outside and in the Maze will be made of a harder, green material able to withstand the elements. Depending on the size of the crate, one or two items can be stored inside. Some Supply Crates can be found locked with two methods to opening them: using a Lockpick, or by forcing the crate open at the cost of the sound alerting nearby enemies, being discovered later by enemies as a Sin, and potentially a chance of summoning the Shape.

With the Lucky Loot Minor Power, there's a possibility of two tranquilizer darts exiting in larger Supply Crates.

Players who encounter supply crates in new areas already opened may have a Stalker in their mission.

Supply crates can contain important mission items like the stolen smartphone. During the Steal missions, it is possible to have three, locked supply crates in the Maze potentially holding an item. These crates will appear with a red light instead of a green light. The unopened red crates also be marked with an indicator during the objective (e.g. "Find Club Member's Phone" objective). Players will need a Lockpick or will need to force the crate open. Only one of the three red crates will hold the mission item; the other two will contain normal field items.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though they are called Supply Crates, the player's character often refers to them as "strongboxes" when tagging them.