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Welcome to The Blackout Club Wiki's "Hideout"!

The Blackout Club Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteer club members to provide information for The Blackout Club (game). This is the place to find help, make recommendations for the wiki, or debate about something. If we have any shot at finding Bells, it's by working together and sharing with the world our collective knowledge of what's happening here in Redacre.

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Do you get the blackouts too? Consider joining our club of community editors! To join the club in its efforts to better the wiki:

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    • You can edit most pages anonymously, but a free account makes it easier to keep track of your own edits and allows you to contribute to gallery pages.
  • Watch this page and the Community Portal discussion to get updates on any important notices and announcements.

Need Help?

Fandom wiki representatives

ReverieCode talk  •  contribs

Community administrators

AzuraJae talk  •  contribs
MrMusicMan789 talk  •  contribs
Aurkae talk  •  contribs
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Developer administrators

QuestionPatches talk  •  contribs

Not sure where to start?

  • Check out Community Central to learn how to make meaningful edits and how you can format different features seen across this wiki.
  • Check out the Stub articles and see if there's any additional content you can provide to make them full articles!
  • Read and check grammar/spelling! Some of the most important edits club members can make is ensuring our pages are error free! (plus the better our grammar and spelling, the more likely our parents will take us seriously about what evidence we have!)
  • Check out the list of Projects and see if you can contribute to a project!

Not sure how to do something?

Have a recommendation to better the wiki?

Still not resolved or need help?
Reach out to one of the Community Administrators through our talk pages and we'd be happy to assist you further.

Alternatively, start a new Discussion topic: Discussion


Here is where the Community Administrators will list the current needs of the wiki and the upcoming planned tasks they will be completing for the wiki. Editors can use this as a means to direct editing efforts to pages that need attention. The admins will update this list periodically as tasks and items are addressed by the community.