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The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide
This article is part of the TBC Wiki Style Guide. Use the Discussion page to discuss this article's content.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive style guide for all The Blackout Club Wiki articles.

There are often disputes over which style rule or formatting to use so an official style guide helps resolve these disputes and to reaching a consensus. It also ensures pages of similar content remain consistent so users can view and edit the content with ease. Although Wikipedia already provides a more general Manual of Style, a more specific guide is necessary for The Blackout Club Wiki. Thus, only guidelines pertaining to The Blackout Club Wiki and its basic formatting rules are included here.

The Blackout Club Wiki Style Guide is split into several major topics - Notability, Article Style, Files, Housekeeping, and References - and contained in each section are additional subsections and details on specific formatting and notation in the Wiki.

If you have a suggestion, problem, or a question regarding content of the Style Guide, please use the appropriate article's Discussion page.