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The following page describes basic details and suggestions when adding one or multiple images to an article.

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Lead Image

It is common for an article's lead or infobox to carry a representative image to give readers visual confirmation they have arrived at the correct page.

For some topics, selecting the lead image can be difficult. Lead images should be selected with care and are often selected by the Community Administrators when setting up the page. The lead image is one of the first things that catches a reader's eye and is often used in the page preview when hovering over the link on another page.

Standard formatting (if no infobox is present):

Size: 300px wide.
Format(s): thumb (with appropriate caption)

Images in Articles

An example image found on The Shape (technically a GIF). Image-ception?

Images may be placed in an article where appropriate according to the following guidelines:

  • Each image should be inside the section to which it relates, within the most recent heading delimited by equal signs (e.g. ==Heading==), or at the top of the lead section. Do not place images immediately above section headings.
  • Almost every image should be on the right side of the page, the default placement.
  • In the article, avoid referring to images as being to the left, the right, above, or below because image placement varies with platform and is meaningless to people using screen readers. Instead, use captions to identify images.

Standard formatting:

Size: 300px wide.
Format(s): thumb (with appropriate caption)


Images should have captions where possible, unless the image is an unambiguous depictions of the subject of the article or when they are "self-captioning" images like the "CHORUS Communities" Logo.

  • Captions normally start with a capital letter.
  • Most captions are not complete sentences but merely sentence fragments that should not end with a period. However, if any complete sentence occurs in a caption, then every sentence and every sentence fragment in that caption should end with a period.
  • The text of captions should not be specially formatted, except in ways that would apply if it occurred in the main text (e.g., italics for the Latin name of a species).
  • Captions should be succinct; more information can be included on its description page, or in the main text.


Some articles may benefit from having a gallery of images for readers to view multiple images of a topic. Galleries in regular articles are typically uncommon in favor of dedicated gallery subpages.

Default syntax:

mode=packed heights=150px

The default gallery mode for The Blackout Club Wiki is packed with image height of 200px. On select articles (e.g. Old Tongue), the gallery will use a different mode and/or height to better suit the gallery's purpose. All attempts should be made to use the default gallery syntax wherever possible.