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Video Licensing

Videos uploaded to the Wiki that contain content from the game should include the appropriate copyright licensing information, set as the option "This is from the game or its official website" when uploading and image to the Wiki. The licensing information should be:

General Guidelines

Videos added to articles should fit the following guidelines:

  • Videos should be used sparingly in articles.
  • The video should showcase an attribute of the article's topic.
    • Videos should not show unintended strange or humorous behavior, such as the Shape stuck on geometry.
    • Videos should not have the sole purpose of showcasing a bug, instead report the bug to the developers on the TBC Discord bug-reports channel
    • Videos should not include player commentary or sounds. All sounds in the video should be from the game itself.
  • When adding a Video to an article, it is strongly preferred the image does not include the HUD if possible.
  • Video captions should not have periods at the end, unless the phrase is a full sentence.
  • Videos should showcase the most up to date version of The Blackout Club (game) (e.g. not showing old UI, outdated assets, features).
    • Videos that are outdated are subject to be removed.

Adding Videos in Articles

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See: Gamepedia Help - Videos

Additional Videos Attributes

See: Gamepedia Help - EmbedVideo Extension