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Boldface text should be used in moderation as it does not provide the best means of emphasis as the boldface does not differ greatly in style than the regular font type. It is often used as another form of emphasis.

The first mention of the article's topic is written in boldface.


Italics should be used as the primary means of emphasis and differentiation of text, however, still used in moderation. Italic font stands out more than the same boldface text.

Quotations from characters and the Voices used in articles should be italicized, including the quotation marks themselves.


"Evidence of spooky conspiracy. Confiscating."
"It is a child... they will not believe... give up."

Any instance of "The Blackout Club (game)" should be in italics and include "(game)" to differentiate between the Club and the game itself. Editors are advised to use the template The Blackout Club (game) for any mention of the game's name as this template creates and formats the mention of the game title to these specifications.

Any instance of the name of a different video games should also be in italics.


Team Fortress 2
Official Minecraft edition names


The use of underlining should be avoided as it closely resembles inter-wiki links and links to external sites. It is used very rarely.