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Welcome to the Wiki Rules. This page outlines The Blackout Club Wiki's rules and policies surrounding behavior and activity on the Wiki. Please read these rules before you dive into editing. If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the rules, please let the Wiki Admins know in the Wiki Rules' Discussion Page.

Last modified: 20 September 2020



  1. All articles must pertain to content in The Blackout Club (game). Articles may not exist about real life people (neither players nor developers) or topics outside of The Blackout Club (game).
  2. No articles may exist about or contain information on exploits in The Blackout Club (game).
  3. Any user may submit and create a new Player Interaction entry.


  1. Content must pertain to The Blackout Club (game).
  2. Writing should be in US English.
  3. Colloquialisms and contracted forms shouldn't should not be used. Opinions, first or second person perspectives, and personal bias do not belong in articles. Writing should be in “Encyclopedic” style.
  4. Profane, sexually explicit, or inappropriate language is not tolerated.
  5. Information must be sourced with an appropriate reference.
  6. Section headings, subheadings, infoboxes, galleries, and templates should not have their syntax or placement in the article modified.

Assume Good Faith

  1. When an edit occurs, Wiki community members must assume good faith - an edit could occur due to human error, a new editor to the community, game content has changed, or another honest reason.
  2. Approach the situation with a helpful and understanding attitude. Reach out to the editor on their talk page to discuss the edit.
  3. The edit should only be reverted if absolutely necessary.

Common Knowledge and Spoilers

Common Knowledge

Common Knowledge is considered to be:

  • Basics about the lore, game mechanics, surface and Maze locations, the Voices, and characters.
  • Lore details and events from inactive plot threads or events that can no longer be experienced in-game. (E.g. the death of DANCE-FOR-US, past Hideout Broadcasts, Name Fragments, etc.)
  • Player Interactions on the Wiki.
  • If none of the above applies, by default the information can be considered common knowledge after two months from discovery or being introduced in-game.

Story Spoilers

These spoilers will contain the {{StorySpoiler}} template. This spoiler is classified as content in the section that discusses:

  • Current plot threads the community is actively uncovering about characters, plots and sub-plots, and lore details from the most-recent update.

Unlockable Content Spoilers

These spoilers will contain the {{UnlockableSpoiler}} template. This spoiler is classified as content in the section that discusses:

  • Material that is or can be potentially spoiler and can currently be uncovered/earned/learned in-game by players
  • Events that can currently be experienced in-game, (e.g. recent Hideout Broadcasts)
  • Wardrobe or other special content that cannot be earned by players through the completion of regular missions or other normal game means.

Edit Summary

Leave a descriptive edit summary every time you edit an article so other editors and the Wiki admins can understand the changes made to the article. Summaries do not need to be long, but readers should be able to understand what was changed without needing to look at a diff.

Examples of good summaries:

"Fixed grammar errors, spelling of "Isabella" to "Isabela", and added a sentence about parents."
"Added information from interactions."

Major and Minor Edits

Major edits are the standard, default type of edit made on a page that adds content, removes content, and/or changes the meaning of an article. This includes adding information, references, or multimedia.

Minor edits are a special kind of edit that is superficial to an article's content. Minor edits include typographical corrections, minor formatting changes, syntax updates, and reverting vandalism.

If an editor is making both minor and major changes in a single edit (e.g. fixing spelling and adding content), the major edit takes precedence; the edit should not be marked as major regardless if or how many minor edits were performed.

A general rule of thumb: if unsure whether an edit is major or minor, default to major.


The TBC Wiki supports the use of images, videos, and audio files in the Wiki to enhance the information of an article. The Wiki Admins reserve the right to remove multimedia from the site for violating the following rules:

  1. Multimedia must pertain directly to The Blackout Club (game) in some way.
  2. Player names should not appear in any screenshots of content. Consider using the HUD-less mode for screenshots to automatically remove the UI, player names, and outlines.
  3. Multimedia may not show the use of exploits or cheats.

Reference Images

See: Wiki Rules#References

The TBC wiki uses screenshots of Discord comments and tweets from official developer sources. The following rules apply:

  1. An image of the comment/tweet must be uploaded to the Wiki with a direct link to the original source provided in the reference template.
  2. Screenshots should be of the single messaged needed for the reference. Screenshots should not contain multiple messages or pieced-together conversations.
  3. Non-developer names, usernames, and handles should be cropped out. If it is not possible to crop out, these must be blurred beyond recognition.
  4. When uploading, the description of the file must be set as: {{ReferenceScreenshot}} followed by a direct transcript of the comment. See File:Null - SAO TheyThem.png for an example.

Personal Attacks

  1. Users should never personally attack other members of the Wiki community on any part of this site. Comments and critiques should focus on the content, not the person. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs which degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.
  2. Avoid edit wars. If you feel an edit or comment was made as an attack, reach out to a Community Admin via the Admin noticeboard.
  3. Users who attack other editors may face temporary or permanent bans from editing or visiting the Wiki.

Player Interactions

General Rules

  1. Interactions shared on the Wiki are considered common knowledge by the community. Do not share on the Wiki if you wish to keep aspects of your interaction private.
  2. Interactions may only be shared with the permission of the player(s) involved.
  3. Interactions must exist only in the Player Interactions namespace and contain at minimum:
    1. One player involved in the interaction.
    2. One summary point describing the events of the interaction.
    3. A transcript or video of the experience (both if possible).
  4. If neither a transcript nor video is provided, the interaction may be deleted.
  5. Editors should not modify interactions after they are submitted, including but not limited to: the contents of an interaction, template data, or order of the templates.

Modified/Falsified Interactions

The Blackout Club Wiki recognizes that some interactions have been modified or edited past the point of authenticity before being shared. It is in the Wiki's best interest to possess interactions in their true form. If you believe an interaction on the Wiki has been modified/faked, please contact a Community Admin.

Removing an Interaction

If an interactions exists on the Wiki and you would like it removed, please contact a Community Admin and they will work with you to remove the interaction. Please include the reason why the interaction should be removed as well as the title or a direct URL to the interaction.


  1. References should be made to sources wherever possible.
  2. {{Citation needed}} must be used if no reference is provided.
  3. References to player interactions existing outside the Wiki are not allowed.


See: Wiki Rules#Reference Images

Developers from Question LLC provide information about the game in the Official Discord. These rules apply specifically when referencing content from the server:

  1. Discord comments must be cited using the {{CiteDiscord}} template.
  2. This template restricts what sources are valid for citation. See the template documentation for more information.


See: Wiki Rules#Reference Images

Official TBC and Question Games accounts share information about The Blackout Club (game). These rules apply specifically when referencing content from these tweets:

  1. Tweets must be cited using the {{CiteTwitter}} template.
  2. This template restricts what sources are valid for citation. See the template documentation for more information.

Story Timeline

General Rules

  1. Timeline entries shared on the Wiki must pertain to the overarching plot of The Blackout Club (game).
  2. Timeline entries that pertain to current story spoilers must note this with the selection box.
  3. Timeline entries must be created using the Story Timeline Submission Form and contain at minimum:
    1. The date of the event.
    2. One Voice or character involved in the event.
    3. One paragraph describing the event in detail. This paragraph should be several sentences long and describe the events in chronological order and how the event is impactful to the story/plot of The Blackout Club (game).
  4. If none of the above minima are provided, the event may be deleted. The event may also be deleted if it does not pertain to story or plot events of The Blackout Club (game) or breaks other rules listed on this page.
  5. Editors who wish to append a timeline entry must use the submission form to do so. The templates on the story timeline form must not be moved or deleted and content may not exist outside these templates.

Modified/Falsified Events

If you believe a timeline event on the Wiki is not legitimate, please contact a Community Admin.

Removing an Event

If you believe a timeline event should be removed from the Wiki, please:

  1. Add the deletion template, {{delete|Reason}}, to the very top of the timeline event above all other templates. Replace "Reason" with a short explanation.
  2. On the timeline entry's Discussion page, create a new section and describe in as much detail as you would like why you believe this event should be removed.

Talk Pages

  1. Each response must be signed post with four tildes (~~~~) or with the signature option in the Visual Editor.
  2. Remain civil during discussions, no matter how heated the conversations become. (See also Personal Attacks)
  3. An article's talk page is intended for discussion or questions regarding the specific article's content. It is not a forum for casual discussion. Game suggestions, personal stories, shout-outs, spam, etc. will be removed.
  4. Other user's contributions should not be edited with the exception of maintenance tasks (fixing links/templates, unsigned messages).


  1. Trivia points should not pertain to details about the article topic. If the trivia fits in a different section of the article, it does not belong in the trivia.
  2. Add only points that are "undeniable" where most players are likely to agree it is obvious. When there could be multiple valid theories that are each as likely, do not post any.
  3. Trivia mentioning former features that were present in The Blackout Club (game)'s Closed Beta or Early Access are acceptable. These give further insight into the development and evolution of the game. Referencing screenshots, images, or articles is strongly encouraged to further validate claims.