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The Captive
Known As
The Forbidden One (SAO)[1]
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The Captive is one of the Voices in The Blackout Club (game).[2] The Voice was confirmed to be Colm Ryan by the Isolated Watcher. [citation needed]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Captive contacted players around the time of The Blackout Club (game)'s 1.0 Launch. He took players to Saturation Control. The Captive has not been seen since August 2019.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about the Captive before the events of The Blackout Club (game). THEE-I-DARE suspects the Captive may have been Colm Ryan, or at least "what is left of him." THEE-I-DARE also theorized that Colm may have been found by HUNT-THE-STRONG rather than SPEAK-AS-ONE as SPEAK-AS-ONE would have surely removed his Name Fragment while HUNT-THE-STRONG may have been too weak to do so at the time.[2]

In-Game[edit | edit source]

The Captive once hosted a dying part of THEE-I-DARE.[3] The Captive was imprisoned in Saturation Control and called out to players from his cell. THEE-I-DARE believes that he spoke through the Captive but does not remember.[3] THEE-I-DARE says that part of the Captive is lost, and right now he is just a collection of imperfect memories gathered by The Club.[3]

The Captive's ability to bring people into Saturation Control was considered highly unusual, unprecedented, and dangerous by SPEAK-AS-ONE.[4] SPEAK-AS-ONE was unaware that such a power could even exist and made it a priority to get word to The Voice through rituals; it was believed that The Captive was somehow "Empowered," and still alive at that time.[4]

The Voice fears that whatever The Captive is could somehow spread to the rest of SPEAK-AS-ONE if he were to join The Song, citing that "truth is infectious."[1]

The Captive's body and mind may be "on separate journeys." THEE-I-DARE believes that SPEAK-AS-ONE knows where The Captive's body resides, but The Captive's mind continues to resist.[5]

When a voice that claimed to be Isabela Madi-Shaw made an appearance, she said that there was "a man in here with her", and that he has been helping her and taught her how to speak.[6] It is hypothesized that she is referring to the Captive.

Player Interactions[edit | edit source]

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Dreams[edit | edit source]

The Captive has not responded to any rituals.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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