The Hideout

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The Hideout
The Hideout
2 Boxcars
Mission Select, The Deck, Ritual Space, Wardrobe

The Hideout is The Blackout Club's main base of operations and functions as the game's lobby.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hideout is comprised of two rusty boxcars located somewhere in the Redacre woods.

Main Boxcar[edit | edit source]

The main boxcar.

In the main boxcar, there is a closet as well as several tables with different items that the club members use during their missions. The boxcar is lit up by Christmas lights, lamps, and blacklight lamps.

On the tables there lies information about each item available to players and dangers they may encounter during their mission (save for the Lockpick). Here players can prepare before departing on a mission by equipping Hero Items and managing The Deck.

Players can also interact with a laptop on a bean bag to look at Journals found on missions. The Leaderboard can also be found opposite the TV where Recordings can be watched. Next to the TBC Bulletin Board, there is a Wardrobe, which allows players to customize their character. The Hideout outworld can also be customized in the Wardrobe, with both props and posters. The Whisper Twins can be found hanging out directly right upon exiting the Ritual Space boxcar. The Prologue and game manual can be accessed directly right when standing in front of the mission selection board.

There is a door on the other side of the main boxcar that, when interacted with, takes the player to the Stalker van play as the Stalker.

When a mission is started, members exit the boxcar to regroup in the clearing in front of the boxcars before departing on their mission.

Ritual Space[edit | edit source]

See: How To Play: Rituals
An eerie and mysterious place where the TBC kids wake up after missions. It's even possible to speak to... something in here...

The ritual space is the second boxcar in The Hideout. After completing a mission, the kids wake up here. In this space are four sleeping bags (one for each possible kid in the mission), a candle by each sleeping bag, and on the opposite side, an altar.

The altar in the ritual space is comprised of a tall mirror and glass table. It's the place for the kids to send offerings and prayers to the Voices. A ritual item (e.g. Light of Rebellion) is necessary to perform an offering.

SleepingBag Glow.gif

In some instances before waking up after a mission, it's possible to remember a dream. These dreams are rituals performed by other players (or possibly yourself if you previously submitted one) that have been answered by the Voices. Any of the Voices may respond to the ritual.

In very rare instances, a Voice may prefer to contact a player directly through the ritual space. When this happens, the player's sleeping bag will glow bright yellow. Coming up to the sleeping bag, the player is given the option of going to sleep again. When doing so, the screen will fade to black and the Voice will make contact with the player. After the dream is over, the player will wake up again and the bag will no longer glow.

It is possible to experience the glowing sleeping back while playing with a group, however, only the player receiving the dream will see the glowing sleeping back and be able to hear the Voice . The other player(s) will not see the glowing sleeping bag, be able to interact with it, or hear the dream.

Broadcasts[edit | edit source]

Recordings and transcripts of special events that occur in the Hideout.

Posters & Notes[edit | edit source]

The collection of posters and signs from the Hideout.

TV Recordings[edit | edit source]

Recordings and transcripts of the news clips that air on the television in the Hideout.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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"Cameras, y'all!"
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Blackout Club members are all kids with their main base of operations taking place in an old boxcar. It is similar to the children's classic literary franchise, The Boxcar Children.
  • There are a stack of empty soda cans in the corner near the Stalker Door. Players can walk through the tower and cause the cans to fall over and make noise. They will reset every time a mission is completed or when logging in.