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The TV in the hideout containing the recordings of Bells' parents.

The recordings in the Hideout are clips from a special coverage on Isabela Madi-Shaw's disappearance and play on the TV in the Hideout. The clips feature Bells' parents and an interviewer (off-screen). There are a total of 4 interview clips available. Players unlock one recording each time they reach levels 4, 8, 12, and 16. After Sacrificing, players lose access to the clips until they reach the appropriate level again.

Clip 1 - Day After[edit | edit source]

Interviewer: Do you have any idea where your daughter might have gone last night?
Mom: Bells... (sigh) Her name, is Isabela. She's our baby.
Dad: After dark, she's only allowed to go to Lambert's Drug Store. She wouldn't go anywhere else.
Mom: Please. If anyone out there has seen our daughter or knows where she is, we just want her back.

Clip 2 - Boogeyman[edit | edit source]

Interviewer: The kids at Central High School are telling stories about a boogeyman in the woods. Do you think that has anything to do with Isabel's disappearance?
Mom: We don't want to hear stories. We just want our daughter back.
Dad: Bells, if you're watching this, your mom and I miss you very much. Please, come home. (mouths to Mom) It's okay, it's okay.

Clip 3 - Still Not Found[edit | edit source]

Interviewer: Your daughter still hasn't been found. Is there anything you want to say?
Mom: I know what people are saying, and they're wrong. My Bells didn't jump off the Leap. She wouldn't do that. She's a survivor.
Dad: We know she's still out there. Please keep looking.

Clip 4 - 3 Weeks[edit | edit source]

Interviewer: It's been three weeks since the disappearance of young Isabela Madi-Shaw, and today, the search has officially been called off. This is obviously devastating news for her parents and all those still holding out hope that she would be found.