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A Voice Mask is a special, rare item that can be earned by players in The Blackout Club (game).

Description[edit | edit source]

Each Voice in The Blackout Club (game) except HUNT-THE-STRONG has awarded devout players a rare mask that embodies their icon and/or the dominant trait about the Voice. Players on any platform can receive a mask from a Voice.

While not from a Voice, the Tinfoil Halo the Dead Skeptic has given to players is the equivalent of a Voice mask.[1]

Not all masks were discovered or awarded at the same time. The first mask was given to a THEE-I-DARE follower in November 2019 and was followed some weeks later when players earned SPEAK-AS-ONE masks late December. THEE-I-DARE gave the first recipient of THE-MEASURE-CUTS Mask after an interaction in February 2020.[2]

THE-MEASURE-CUTS believes that the masks are key to staying in the Place Between for a longer period of time like he does, as it gives one "presence" and tricks the dream into believing people belong.[3] However, this is merely a story point, and does not allow the player to stay in the Place Between longer than the allotted time that everyone is given, regardless of mask or not.[4]

The Masks[edit | edit source]

A mask that resembles the colombina style masks popular at Mardi Gras or Rio's Carnival. The upside down star of DANCE-FOR-US' symbol sits as a crest, centered over the player's nose. Yellow and fuchsia flare over her star. A spiral design is etched at the sides of the players eyes, and black vertical lines decorate the rims of the eye holes.
This mask is in two parts. Atop the player's head sits a crown of radiant spokes that glow and shift from yellow to fuchsia. As he is called "the Martyr" by SPEAK-AS-ONE, this calls to halos as depicted in paintings such as this subtle detail shot of the Ghent Altarpiece, or similar depictions of martyred saints. On the player's face sits a mask made of petals radiating from the eye hole, starting blue and fading to purple representing his symbol, a six petal flower framing a drop of blood.
A thick, cracked ceramic mask glazed white, in the shape of a full face mask with jagged edges at the top and chin. There is a hole in the center of the mask also edged by jagged pieces, framing a blue void. The void swirls on itself and appears to be an unknown depth.
A paper plate with an upside down frowning face drawn in permanent marker. A pink tongue is drawn sticking out of the mouth. The eyes are a pair of googly eyes with a circle drawn around them in marker. Under the eyes are a pair of blue triangles being used as eyebrows. Two pink pieces of paper are cut in half circle shapes and are attached to each side, representing ears. A cord of blue, twirled pipe cleaner is attached to the bottom of the mask.
A cloth veil of deep, worn navy blue covers the player's face, framed by a metal representation of her symbol. The twin scythes join at the center over the bridge of the player's nose, and the blades themselves flash with yellow and fuchsia. The veil itself seems quite worn, with threadbare holes at eye level, showing her not-so-blind approach to justice as motivated by revenge.
Made of a thick ceramic glazed white, this mask is two faces joined at a singular mouth that opens over the player's own chin and mouth. The faces are split above the players nose and face the players left and right. Both faces possess features emphasized by faint red lining. Both faces have a defined brow, a nose, and two eyes each with four in total, the centered two of which the player sees out of. Red streaks of light flare and flicker from the mouth of the mask in various directions, sometimes traveling across the features of the mask.
The Adversary (THEE-I-DARE) Mask
Resembling a giant flame, the Adversary mask covers the majority of the player's face. It has three spokes in the design, leaving enough room for one's eyes to see out of between them. It wraps around the face to the ears. A small eye hovers, unattached, near the mouth of the player. Yellow and fuchsia flare up over the design like fire. When color is not crossing over the mask, it is a dull blue. Parts of the mask do not illuminate; instead they are painted black. The mask, notably, does not connect to the player's face, instead 'floating' in front of it. The back of the mask illuminates much in the same way the front does.
Resembling a fencing mask, the TMC mask covers the player's entire face with a curved, metal sheet with the TMC icon cut into it. Covering the icon is a black glass material illuminated by a blue and purple smoke-like effect. The metal around the icon is comprised of small ornate etchings. The mask is lined around with a black mesh also found on fencing masks.
Tinfoil Halo
A circle of crinkled tinfoil, held up by a wire at the back of the head. It looks handmade, with wire pieces poking out at either side of the players temples. It is a reference to both the discord community's practice of "tin-foiling" (speculating fervently on theories with slim to no evidence), and the trope of a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

Earning a Voice Mask[edit | edit source]

For interactions where players earn a mask from a Voice, see Category:Mask Received.

There is no clear explanation for how Voice masks are awarded to players at this time. Receiving a mask is often an indication of the relationship between Voice and follower deepening, and each Voice has their own standards as to what that means. The criteria is likely to remain intentionally obscure. [5] Receiving a mask has come as a great surprise to all recipients thus far since there is no indication such an item would be received.

Many of the players who have received a mask from a Voice have sacrificed hundreds of thousands if not over one million Experience points (XP) and have sent many thoughtful and inquisitive Light of Rebellions to the particular Voice. Many recipients have also formed connections with the particular Voices or have embodied the ideals of the Voice and have had prior experiences and interactions.

LAUGH-LAST once awarded an entire group his Voice Mask at the conclusion of an interaction.[6]

During the 2020 Halloween Event, players could show their Devotion to a particular Voice to attain a Voice Mask as a potential 'treat'. Players did this by sending in a Light Of Rebellion to their Voice and at least 100,000 exp of sacrifice to the same Voice. Players who wished to gain the DANCE-FOR-US mask could send in lights of devotion and sacrifice through THEE-I-DARE's position on the Ritual Table to achieve this.

On November 20th, 2020, it was discovered that players could earn the DANCE-FOR-US mask using a combination of Old Tongue gestures in The Place Between.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • THEE-I-DARE's mask is the only mask not named after his Voice name. This is believed to be caused by THEE-I-DARE undergoing a name change where "THEE-I-DARE" is not considered his proper name at the moment.

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